Apple Music vs Spotify: 2 Years Later Which is BEST?

Apple Music vs Spotify: 2 Years Later Which is BEST?


Apple Music vs Spotify: Which is better in 2018?
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Apple Music & Spotify are the 2 most popular music streaming services & I will compare both of them head-to-head to see which is the best music streaming app.

Both offer $9.99/month for the all-access individual plan, $14.99/month for a family plan up to 6 people, and $4.99/month for student discount. Apple Music is available in many more countries than Spotify. Apple Music’s hidden $99 annual subscription: if you’re already an Apple Music member go to iPhone Settings, Apple ID, iTunes & App Store, View Apple ID, Subscriptions, Apple Music Membership, (select plan)

Apple Music charges taxes which comes to $10.59/month (varies on your location). That’s 60 cents extra per month compared to Spotify. Spotify offers a free plan (shuffle-only, limited, ads) but it’s still a big advantage since Apple Music does not offer a free plan. (Beats 1 radio is free to all)

Music Collection
Spotify: 30 million+ songs
Apple Music: 40 million+ songs
(Availability depends on region)

Sound Quality
Spotify has options of 96Kbps, 160Kbps, and 320Kbps
Apple Music streams at 256Kbps

Offline Listening

Library Limit
Spotify: 10,000 song limit in library
Apple Music: 100,000 song limit in library

Supported Devices
Spotify is more cross-platform friendly. PC/Mac/Web, Spotify Connect, works with devices like Samsung Gear, Amazon devices, Alexa integration, PlayStation, Smart TVs, Roku, etc.
Apple Music has a “closed” environment like most Apple products: PC/Mac (Requires iTunes; no web player), is supported on Android but works best with iOS; Integration with Siri, Apple TV, Apple Watch, CarPlay, and HomePod, Apple’s smart speaker.

Exclusive Content
Apple Music lands more exclusive deals with big artists where certain albums are released first to Apple Music. Some artists choose to only be on Apple Music. Both services offer their own exclusive content. (Apple Music has Planet of the Apps, and Spotify has Spotify Sessions)

Apple Music shows full lyrics of a song in the app.
Spotify has integration with, which shows some of the lyrics mixed in with fun facts about the song or meaning, but it doesn’t show full lyrics and the Genius lyrics integration is only available for certain songs.

Existing Library
Apple Music syncs your existing iTunes library pretty effortlessly. Spotify syncs your existing iTunes library, but it’s more complicated and not as seamlessly integrated as it is with Apple Music.

Both radio stations created from artists are similar. However, Apple Music radio stations created from individual songs seem to be a little better than Spotify. It seems to play more new music. Apple Music has Beats 1 radio which is a popular feature, along with on-demand radio stations. I do prefer Spotify’s interface with Radio because you can see the list of songs up next. On Apple Music you can only see the next song.

Both have a large number of playlists based on things like Mood & Genre, but Spotify gets Playlists right since they have more experience. The 2 big advantages of Spotify playlists are Daily Mixes & Discover Weekly, which are automatic custom-made playlists tailored to your listening habits.

Apple Music has the Connect feature that lets you follow your favorite artists. Spotify has better Social features. You can create, share and follow public playlists made from any Spotify user which makes their playlist selection more extensive than Apple Music. Spotify also has Collaborative Playlists which lets you and your friends add songs to the same playlist.

App Experience
Both app menu buttons are similar. I think Spotify has a better design and layout than Apple Music. I prefer Spotify’s dark theme. Spotify shows the number of monthly listeners for an artist. I wish Spotify displayed the Featured Artist info on songs like Apple Music. Spotify’s search suggestions & algorithm are better than Apple Music. Spotify saves a step because when you tap on a song in the search suggestions it starts playing unlike Apple Music. Both apps allow you to edit the queue of the current songs or playlist. Spotify’s Shuffle is pretty bad. It tends to play more songs by artists you listen to a lot or have a lot of songs saved by them. Apple has a way better, more random, Shuffle. On Spotify I like how you can hold down on a song to preview it. Spotify also has convenient ways to add songs to the queue or save to your library by swiping left or right on a song.

Which is the best music streaming service right now? Spotify or Apple Music? I’m staying with #Spotify as my premium music streaming service. I just prefer Spotify’s features and user experience more than #AppleMusic. #SpotifyVsAppleMusic

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  1. Try Apple Music FREE for 3 months:
    Try Spotify for free:

    What is YOUR choice?

  2. in conclusion, just get both hahah

  3. Very good comparison and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

  4. Spotify got me with the hulu combo

  5. I prefer Apple Music cause I have money

  6. When I first subscribed to Apple Music, syncing with my library was a fucking nightmare. Reason being that a lot of my library was ripped from my CD collection. The problem I often experienced was that Apple music would find some of my ripped songs and just replace them based on its best guess. Often times its best guess was not even close and I'd have a bunch of random songs mixed in with my library and playlists.

  7. SoundCloud is better than both of these

  8. S P O T I F Y > A P P L E M U S I C

  9. #1 256 AAC is superior in sound quality to the older 320kbs mp3 format. #2 you are actually able to change the Apple Music quality in the Settings menu in your iPhone.

  10. is it worth buying music in Itunes? 12$ for 19 songs.

  11. and i use them both for free😂😂😂

  12. it’s absurd to have 100k music on your device when you only listen to few

  13. how tf do people even get more than 10,000 songs I only have 90

  14. I love Spotify but man, you're right. The shuffle is literally the worst

  15. Spotify and apple music are good but have you tried this brand new service called JOOX 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. On Spotify, you can add friends playlists that are made public and listen. I follow couple of DJ friends and another friend. I love their playlists. I have been doing this for years. Now I don't even have to search for new music. They do all the work for me. So that is by far BEST feature no one else replicated.

  17. Have you done a new one since this one to include Pandora or this is a paid commercial

  18. No Spotify no apple music
    YouTube is best YouTube is free YouTube is winning

  19. omg. i use spotify normally and shuffle truly sucks. i actually looked to see if it was actually shuffling because i heard the same songs in the same order like 3 days in a row. i want to shuffle my music when i am working not listen to the same thing so the songs get boring. they definitely need to fix this.

  20. Well I got Apple Music I think is gonna get better after a while…question why??? Well because Spotify is a company but basically is just an app and is not like Apple Music that is link with apple company and too partnership with beats… idk if Spotify has another partnerships but as far as I see and I know Apple Music gonna keep improving with their system updates..😎🍺✌️

  21. I’m a college student and cannot life with out music, I was looking for a video like this, thank you!

  22. Let's say the average song is 3 min long.
    30.000 min
    its 500 hours
    thats 20.8 days.
    I think the libeary in spotify is big enough; on my playlist with most songs i have 967, and that is alot of songs.

  23. Apple music isn`t good for android, but I have an Apple Watch. I use no music streaming but I use iTunes.

  24. The only reason Apple Music is better is because of behind the lyrics on Spotify, it sucks so much and can't be turned off.

  25. You completely forgot to show us how sluggish itunes is compared to spotify… And how BEAUTIFULLY thought out the spotify app is!

  26. I used Spotify for two years and then switched to Apple Music about two years ago and haven’t regretted it. I recently went to Spotify to add some of my playlists for my friends. I have to say, I think Apple Music’s interface is easier to use and just better for me (personal opinion here). I do like Spotify’s playlists, but some of my favorite Apple Music stuff has come from their suggested playlists, so I honestly think it’s comparable. Call me an Apple sheep if you want to, I just like the interface and the ability to download pretty much as many songs as I want.

  27. aye bruh, who on that yt music beat?

  28. really enjoy your reviews and positive energy!! Will stick with Apple music though

  29. I hit my 10,000 limit and I’m sad cause Spotify is in my daily life and would like for them to up their game

  30. Spotify. But they really need to add lyrics for all songs and add all featured artists to every song. Unlimited songs and playlists especially for Premium users.

  31. GREAT review Andy. Super comprehensive and expeditious at the same time. Well done!

  32. I use Spotify bc in UK it’s the only one that gives me 50% off student discount when I’m underaged, if I want 50% off for apple I need to be an actual uni student…

  33. Spotifys student discount comes with hulu and showtime for 99 cents first 3 months and $5 the rest on the time sooOOoOooOoOoo

  34. Lol 10k I crap someone already said what I was gonna say.

  35. Spotify is the best, the stranger things settings is so cool

  36. My Chromebook has google play store. I have 2 acounts on there. my personel acount and my school acount. And for some werid reason my school district blocks a lot of stuff. I cant access the schools wifi on my personal acount so i have to use my school one. And for whatever reason it wont let me use google play so what i do is got spotify on the chrome web store so i just have it open in another tab. Thank you for listining to my rant.

  37. Pandora is like the Internet explorer of the group

  38. Where tf is Soundcloud in all this?

  39. I like Spotify bcuz all the songs r free

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