Apple iPhone X Leather Case – Review!

Apple iPhone X Leather Case – Review!


Official Apple iPhone X Leather case in saddle brown review and hands on. The iPhone X leather case features some nice soft leather in a wide selection of colors. The inside of the case has a micro fiber lining that protects against scuffs and scratches, and has a nice premium slim fit compared to other bulkier cases. The iPhone X Leather case feels like it’s actually part of the phone when it’s on, and is a very nice case for people who want some protection, but still want their phone to look and feel nice.


  1. Is it really worth buying? I plan on buying one but the price is so high so I don’t know for sure

  2. I have iPhone 8 and this is the best case i have bought till date.

  3. apple cases need no review, just have the money-buy it

  4. What do you think about Nomad Rugged Leather iPhone X compared to Apple Leather? Which one would you prefer?

  5. I have the Saddle Brown and the Product Red Cases for my iPhone X. I like the Red a lot and is my favorite. I use the cases at home. When I go out, I use a more protective case like the Rhinoshield Solidsuit and the Mous Limitless 2.0.

  6. Love this case on my 8 plus I got it almost new on eBay for $15 great deal

  7. I have this case on my iPhone X and I love it

  8. I bought four cases when I bought my new iPhone X. One of the cases is the Saddle Tan Brown iPhone case. Of the four cases, this case has the most wear time around the house.

  9. Love the apple leather cases I just hate how the saddle brown changes colors

  10. my teacher looked at my phone (in hand) and he thought the case was part of the phone and it was a phone made of leather. Also I dropped mine twice on concrete and it made pretty ugly scars but surprisingly they kind of healed over time, they're just two darkened spots on the corners with a slight texture difference but they healed a lot since the incident

  11. Hello I have an iPhone X and got the black leather case and I wanna switch to brown or red , am a bit confused thanks for ur help

  12. This case has saved my screen dozens of times 🙂

  13. I bought this. But this cover was soon become dirty.

  14. Running caseless with my X. Going out to buy the leather case now. Thanks.

  15. I have the saddle brown leather on my iPhone 8 – really love Apples leather cases👍

  16. I always wanted to get a leather case like this since they first launched. However, today more than ever, I am worried about the open bottom design. Has anyone had their phone damaged because of this open space at the bottom?

  17. Two things dude. First that you don’t usually don’t have a case is ridiculous. Second, you got it so you can get compliments. Wtf? Seriously? Wow so happy I don’t buy things to getting compliments as the main reason. No offense but that is kinda sad. I like the video tho.

  18. I use black leather case on iPhone 8 plus, red leather case on iPhone X, black silicon case on iPhone X and sometime transperent otterbox case on iPhone X.

  19. I simply cannot go without putting a case on my phone. I’m the time of person that needs to know my phone is always flawless. So cases and screen protectors are a must for me.

  20. Just got my iPhone X so I’m getting used to it. I prefer a leather case but had trouble with them when I had an iPhone 6 Plus. The phone was so huge, it put a lot of stress on the case when putting the phone into and taking it out of a jeans front pocket. The lower corners actually split and separated from the plastic shell the leather is glued too. This phone feels much smaller so I think I’m gonna end up going back to a leather case soon. I have a Spicy Orange silicone case on it now. Great vid.

  21. How can I clean it !!! Help!!!! If there’s a video or something mine after two months it’s terrible

  22. Just picked one up. Looking forward to see the leather age and darken over time. They look better that way

  23. Leather Apple case for iPhone X very questionable quality. I had the equivalent Apple leather case on my old iPhone 6 Plus. Its lasted excellently for well over 3 years with no marks or splits. I was so impressed I was recommending these cases despite the very high price tag. I had the equivalent leather case on my iPhone X and after a week a split in the leather had developed. I immediately contacted Apple, sent photos of the split and after two weeks wait and two hours on the phone, they refused to replace the case. The leather on the iPhone X case is very very substandard compared to my old iPhone 6 plus case. I am both equally disgusted with the quality of the case and Apple customer care. Not happy and will be actively reflecting this sentiment in any social conversations that I engage in if the subject arrises.

  24. The cases r very nice. But my thing is they scratch easily

  25. I also like brown but I went with Apple folio in black. I have been very puzzled about whether to keep the leather case or leather folio. The reason I kept the folio is only because it also protects the front when in my pocket. Yes I do have protective shield on but folio case will also stop the dust going into the speaker. But I would still go with the black to match my iPhone X. Yes I would definitely get a brown one as a spare case and use it on occasions but I love black, regardless.

    The only problem with the black folio is that it is only black from outside. From inside, the case itself and the fabric as well as interior leather is rather grey compared to standalone black leather case.

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