Apple iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Unboxing and Review

Apple iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Unboxing and Review


Apple iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Unboxing and Review

The COOLEST tech toy ever!:
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  1. The Apple's phone design is no better than their package design…

  2. i got the iphone se on june 2 of this year and i am going to save up to get the iphone 6s plus this year because my mom said she will pay $300 dollars for it and ill just pay the rest.😁 I am sooo excited.FWI….. i am getting the iphone in silver in 32gb…looking forward to it🤣 My birthday in on 11/05 and im turning 13😬

  3. are u fool to throw an iphone 6s

  4. I'm getting this phone tommorow

  5. How come my iPhone 6s isn't big like that?

  6. silver or rosegold helpppp!!!!

  7. Has he ever checked his mail

  8. I want the silver so bad! I currently have gold, it's so ugly.

  9. i want the 6s plus in either gold or silver

  10. What was that game called u show ?

  11. you not respect for apple

  12. yes actually I have itwe4kz

  13. I did see but this one is awesome

  14. 😂slaps other phone😂 al,ost peed myself laughing😂😂😂

  15. I like more the box of the 6, it looks very sexy

  16. Whats the game app name? theres a boll who switches around. When you showing how to use the iphone

  17. Giveaway???? I really want one! Birthday Next Friday! It would mean a lot!

  18. What game was that with the ball that he showed?

  19. Man that silver looks nice with that blues case.

  20. I upgraded from a brick Nokia to iPhone 6s Plus 🙂
    Comes in October but so stoked!

  21. Which model should I get? 6S or 6S Plus?

  22. I lost it when you smacked the 6s box away at the beginning 😂

  23. from iPhone 4s to iPhone 6 plus I always get the silver and white but this year i go the space gray

  24. Oh my god… I love how u just knocked the iPhones and the 6s box down lol…

  25. What if you want to delete an app? How do you do that?

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