App Reviews – AIVC (Alice) – Siri for Android

App Reviews – AIVC (Alice) – Siri for Android


Today I’ll show you a handy little app called AIVC (Alice), which is the best Siri competitor on my opinion. Scroll down for a list of things it can do.

AIVC (Alice) –…

List of examples:

– Do I need Sunglasses?
– How far is it from New York to San Fransisco?
– Director of Inception
– Show me my pictures
– Send a message to John i’m coming later
– Wake me up in half an hour
– What is 5 + 7 * 3
– Set Timer for 20 seconds
– What’s the definition of aspirin
– Translate into german hello how are you
– Start WhatsApp
– What is 5 meters in miles
– How many contacts do i have?
– Post on Facebook what’s up?
– Search for pizzeria in New York
– Navigate to New York
– What is the capital of Germany
– How many people live in Berlin?
– How old is Rihanna?
– When is her birthday?
– Show me a picture of Michael Jackson
– etc…

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  1. I Oslo got Alice but it not the pro version it not like you'res

  2. it has an extremely nice TTS system. do you know which one it uses?

  3. Are you the guy from The Sorcerer's Apprentice?

  4. it can now just download the offline data

  5. dam thing tells me i don't have navagon mobilenagator installed… Bull shit, it IS installed and I use it.

  6. Now she understand Deutsch language

  7. AIVC only in english and french only ? or other languages are coming ?

  8. The application itself does not allow for access without an internet connection.

  9. Hold the search button, select AIVC and make it your preferred choice.


    Go to Settings -> Apps -> Google Search -> Clear Defaults
    Then try what I suggested above.

    If it does not work, it means that AIVC doesn't currently support this.

  10. Currently, no. I have found a more convenient app which supports this and I will post a review soon.

  11. @Snehit suravajjula Originally yes, but it is now (sort of) able to recognise your voice, if you're lucky enough to be on Jellybean. Simply download 'Offline Recognition' through the Jellybean Google Now app.

  12. Late reply, but I do have a 4S 🙂 Might consider doing a battle video.

  13. Hello, I will want to have myself if AIVC (Alice) the French language, thank you

  14. You should do a AIVC vs SIRI battle video!

  15. How do you make her tell jokes

  16. This is a great app if you dont have voice control in your Android phone !!
    jokamutta 1 second ago

  17. just bought it ….. great app !

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