Android 6.0 vs Windows 10 Mobile : Only 8/16 recent apps with 4 GB RAM Soc 820, crazy limitation

Android 6.0 vs Windows 10 Mobile : Only 8/16 recent apps with 4 GB RAM Soc 820, crazy limitation


Do you know windows 10 mobile can only display 8/16 recent apps in app switch ??? WTF. See detailed video for that.

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  1. I must be blessed then. I have a Lumia 950xl that I bought in February to try Windows Phone for the first time in my life and none of the issues that people talk about had happened to me and it only froze once on me (yesterday actually) it has been very fluid, the keyboard is fantastic, the camera is on its own league, and all my main apps work just fine with the exception of WhatsApp that always resumes and gets kicked out of memory really fast. I'm an android fan and user but always loved Windows Phone for some reason and now that I have finally used it hurt me so much to see it fighting to survive against android and ios. This is a fantastic OS that all it needs is more users to get better development. I own both a Pixel xl and a HTC 10 and now my daily driver for the last month has been this Lumia 950xl from which I'm typing this comment and I love it! I'm on production build, the latest one.

  2. the only real thing windows lack is apps, i bet if windows had all the apps it would be as popular as samsung or iphone

  3. Now at this time I don't feel windows like before, i have a 640 and this had w8, w10 and the redstone update, the system is veeery fluid, lovely, but i'm starting to feel the lack of apps, I'm from Mexico and here the principal attention from the apps developers is for androd and ios, windows is barely useless, and with an app like fb, mine 640 closes 5 mins after i start it, because saving ram, so the system is beautiful, but the developers apps' attention to this system is poor, and you don't feel you can use Windows 10 at 100 percent and is sad, aaaaand in the low cost phones, continuum and a good hardware for the system is just a dream… I'm going back to android 🙁

  4. does that mean i can only dowbload 16 apps in windows 10

  5. I feel so happier after i sold my windows 10 phone and switched back to android again lol

  6. i love the fluidity of windows phone.. but they lack apps.. thats the only hindrance that i find

  7. If you have 8 programs and games open in your pc, can you wait the pc going tghe same as if you have only a few programs and games open? No, right? With the phone that's the same. That's why Microsoft care about that, for the stability.

  8. you can't root and install the latest roms in Windows as Android.I'm really confused to buy a Windows phone or android phone.I use chromecast, play free games on daily basis.

  9. Even though apps don't close down, they start from, there is no point..

  10. The app limit is for better RAM usage. It's completely justified. Thus is one of the reasons why similarly equipped Lumia 730 is performing better than Moto G2.

  11. Dude, don't tell that app switcher is annoying in Windows phone. and in future you might comment on why iPhone is having only one button (it doesnt have 3 buttons like Android), why it doesnt have the app drawer button like Android..bla bla..!!
    I admit Lollipop has one of the nice feature.i.e.In recent apps menu, it can show so many apps.(Even after reboot) But, if you keep running a Game (usually eats more memory) & am damn sure, u cant resume the Game if it had started in the morning and want to use it in the evening – It is not possible.Can you able to use the 100 apps in background in lollipop?? with same 1GB of RAM SoC?? If you keep 10+ apps in foreground, it will start show a lag already , but in WP 1GB RAM is sufficient for the normal usage. Why you aren't aware about that.?? Every OS has it own advantages and disadvantages – depending upon their coding, Runtime,Architecture, heap size, etc. Can you tell about the Live tiles present in the WP, Social Integration in WP> lol So, while comparing 2 Operating Systems, use appropriate words.

  12. Windows Mobile's still a baby OS, its fans and Android fans should join together against iOS 😀

  13. there's a reason it's a preview

  14. Does background downloading work in W10?

  15. Number of recent apps has been increased with the latest Windows 10 Mobile 'Redstone' builds.
    Now is 20+ apps

  16. Can you plz let me know whether the firmware update released today for some windows phones devices running on windows phone 8.1, applicable for Lumia 1020? Thanks!

  17. you can run continuum but not more than 16 apps… MS what is that ???

  18. super.. as always,, i like you videos they are way innovative.. good work

  19. really crazy limitations…

  20. Guptaji how to hide files in windowsphone

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