Amazon Fire Phone Review: Right Phone, Wrong Price | Pocketnow

Amazon Fire Phone Review: Right Phone, Wrong Price | Pocketnow


Its price tag might be all wrong, but the Amazon Fire Phone still gets a lot right as the vanguard of a new platform. Be sure to catch our full written review, available August 1 at !

GAMES FEATURED: “Alpha Wave,” “F18 Carrier Landing II,” and “Airplane!”

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Amazon Fire Phone Review: Right Phone, Wrong Price | Pocketnow



  1. 2018 like "hey, that looks like a pixel 1"

  2. For me it failed because they labelled it AMAZON and not Fire Phone at the back… AMAZON is a way too diverse trademark… I cant relate it with a single product (except kindle) so modern technology labelled with AMAZON looks cheap..

  3. And it was an awesome decision>>>   I am fairly immersed in the media world of the evil amazon empire so this was a no brainer. This + hulu and I have great tv in my kitchen. No cable!!

  4. How much does this Amazon fire phone cost

  5. Watching this on my t-mobile sidekick

  6. I’m from the future, and in 2018, a phone can be executed for those bezels. Also we put a Tesla in space. We’re *so* productive.

  7. It is too bad it just crashed and burned…

  8. The quote from Henry Ford
    Any color you want, as long as it’s black

  9. My Amazon fire phone broke yesterday 😥

  10. Ummm…, what's it like as a phone? LOL

  11. Well its gonna be lit if it uses android and all bell and whistles as its addition

  12. Super helpful with a lot of great information. Thanks for video

  13. We need some of these quirks back. Samsung take notes

  14. Michel please tell me this phone is available on amazon

  15. I had this phone I got it brand new sealed from eBay for about 130£, was a brilliant phone pretty good camera an great storage for the can put play store on there by apk an works good..the phone flopped massively though on sales hence how i got it so cheap..the ear buds were so good i paid an extra 25quid when i lost the (found the old ones under the bed) only downside for me is if ya get ya hands dirty those speakers get blocked up an its a bitch to get out..i would consider getting it again now my Samsung j5 2016 had started hashing around..

  16. parice kiya hae aes ka bhai jan

  17. So, the home screen is like old Nokia phone's home screen

  18. This phone's price. Tell me

  19. Yes you are correct this phone is a cheapest phone ever. I love this……

  20. Oh yeah and every picture you take is databased for free. Seemingly pretense to the echo which should be called spycho.

  21. why did mic leave pocketnow

  22. this could be a good phone as long as they keep updating the os

  23. in 2017 i am buying this… came on yt for review and it made my day by hearing voice of the best tech yter on the planes… fisher

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