A personal favourite! Thule Atmos X3 and X4 Review – iPhone 7 Cases

A personal favourite! Thule Atmos X3 and X4 Review – iPhone 7 Cases


The Thule Atmos X4 is one of my personal favourites. Tough, handles well and looks great!

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The Thule Atmos X3 and X4 is currently #8 on my Top 10 Slim iPhone case list and is one of my personal favourites. I love how solid my iPhone feels in the Thule X3 and X4. The buttons on this case are probably the best I have ever used. The biggest downside of the case is the extra width that it adds to the iPhone 7.

For the X4, I’ve given this case a score of 4.2 Eh’s out of 5. For the X3, it’s 3.8 Eh’s out of 5. The biggest difference between these two cases is the screen protector and table slippage. If you’re looking to see what I’ve rated better than the Thule X4, check out my website!

At MobileReviewsEh, we base every review on actual usage. Which is exciting when we get a case we’ve never used before. BUT for cases that we’ve done for the 6, we’re less excited. Becuase the shape of the iPhone 7 and 6 isn’t that different.

Monty is getting BORED with having the iPhone shaped the same way for the last three years. So instead of helping me write this review, he spent hours playing.

For design, there are only slight differences between the iPhone 6 version and the newer iPhone 7 version. The biggest difference is the added thickness. This is a good thing because the screen protector on the iPhone 6’s would extend past the edge of the case. That isn’t the case for the iPhone 7 version.

When it come to size, the X3/X4 is quite thin, adding about 28% extra thickness to the iPhone 7. When it come to the width, of the iPhone, the X3 and X4 will add almost a 1 cm. I will add that the extra thickness isn’t too noticeably as the edges are tapered a bit so it fits in your hand quite well. But it is wide, especially when compared to other case in it’s class like the Playproof and Speck Presidio GRIP.

The X34 fits the iPhone well and will not slip around when placed on it’s back. The X3 is fine with front slippage but the X4, even with the improved edges will slide around a bit. The case won’t show excessive usage but the hard polycarbonate corners will show drops quicker than other cases.

The texture on the case is great as there is enough rubber on the case to keep your fingers happy but not so much that your pant pockets will suffer.

When it comes to protection, the X4 is one of the few cases that I’d be comfortable dropping constantly from 6 ft. If you’re looking for a tough case, the X4 should be on your list. How tough are Thule’s products? The iPhone 6 Plus here is actually the same iPhone 6 Plus used in the screen protector test I did a couple of years ago. The indent from Bertha is still there.

The Stratoshield covers the entire face of the iPhone so even a face first drop on the white part of the case should be ok. The screen protector is quite nice but I’ll get to that in a few minutes.

Again, if you’re rough with your device, the X4 and X3 should be on your shortlist. If you know somebody who might need a case like this, share this video with them.

The iPhone is easily accessible through the Thule X3/X4. As I said earlier, I love the buttons on this case. Why? Because they feel like my iPhone’s buttons. The average case will usually change how the buttons feel but the X34 is one of the very few cases that doesn’t. Even taking into account the extra width.

There are no issues with the camera and flash area and the bottom has cutouts large enough to use whatever gargantuan lightning cable you have. One-handed usage on the Thule X3/X4, despite being wider is manageable. The rubber and edges provide your fingers with enough texture to hold onto.

The screen protector doesn’t get in the way of accessing the iPhone and unlike other plastic screen protectors, doesn’t diffuse the iPhone’s Retina HD screen. However, like other plastic screen protectors, finger printing might become an issue. The screen protector sticks to the iPhone’s touchscreen so there isn’t any gaps to deal with like you would find on the Otterbox Defender.

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  1. I’m gonna try the x4 on my IPhone 8 Plus.

  2. Can i use it for iphone 6s

  3. should i buy the thule x4 over the otterbox deffender for the iphone 7 plus

  4. Dude you deserve way more subs ur vids r so helpful to me and I️ just wanted to thank u

  5. does the screen protector fall off?

  6. I have the Thule X4 for my 6S plus. I've had it for about 2 years now. Sturdy but thin. I love it. I wanted something that wasn't as bulky as an otter box. I have dropped it a couple of times, everything has held up. The button covers are great. I have small hands, so the side grips work well for me. The white case does not fade! I saw your review a couple of years ago, and ordered it. I made sure I was getting the face plate with the bottom notches – which was key in order to use bottom bar. The only thing is lots of dust gets between the two case layers, and dust can stick to the clear adhesive face plate if it lifts.

  7. I love your reviews, Aaron the Ho. Thanks for doing them, you should work for cNet or something, you inject just the right amount of personality into the reviews to make them interesting, but not take focus away from the task at hand. Keep up the good work !!

  8. Can u make a vid for otterbox defenders? For iPhone 7plus 🙂

  9. The bottom of mine broke i got my money back

  10. Hey Aaron, which would you recommend for iP6s' protection from drops and provides best grip, spigen tough armor or thule X3/4? Many thanks!

  11. What do you recommend for screen drop protection? Rhinoshield Impact resistant screen or Rhinoshield Tempered Glass?

    Thanks for great reviews! Subbed

  12. Monty is paying such close attention to you when your reviewing this case, its so cute! Its like he wants to add something to the conversation🐶!

  13. Question about the X4 StratoShield: How does it hold up over time?
    I know you can whack it about in the short run, but if one tends to crack a tempered glass screen shield every 6 or months (drop impact), how does this cope by comparison? Any data on long term crack/scratch buildup?

    What's great about these reviews is that you actually answer the questions from my internal monologue:
    "What's the difference between these two?"
    "Couldn't I just save some dinero and use a much cheaper tempered glass shield with the X3?"
    "What's Monty doing whilst you re-test the latest model?"

  14. Love Thule had x3 on iPhone 6 got x4 on iPhone 7 man this case is bulletproof 💪💪👊👊

  15. I bought the X3 about 6 months ago after watching your video for the 6s plus. Such a great case, thanks Aaron!

  16. Can you check out Simply Carbon Fiber

  17. Have been using them and it's a awesome case. Don't really like the plastic screen protector it comes with. I believe the 6s plus version has issues with edge to edge glass screen protectors. Other than that it's a fantastic tough case.

  18. i have it for an iPhone 6 Plus, best case i know and so durable

  19. I love this case, the only down part was the cut out was too shallow that the apple lightning digital adapter won't fit on X3 iPhone 6 plus. Would it have any issues on iPhone 7 plus? Thanks.

  20. Feed me mofo feed me……..that dog is not impressed with the case or carrot

  21. I love Thule cases! I had the white and gray one for my iPhone 6 and I really want to get one for my iPhone 7 plus. Do they sell them in Best Buy?

  22. X4 or a Playproof + rhino shield screen protector for my iPhone 7+?
    I ordered the x4 from Amazon a couple weeks back when it said 8-22 Feb, and they've been sending emails saying expected on Tuesday the sorry it's been delayed. Latest "expected" is Valentine's Day.
    I'm in the uk, would have had the Playproof + screen protector ordered from America by now.

  23. Lol; hitting the phone with a hammer or steel spoon doesn't even phase Monty anymore…he just gives you a look like, 'Do you really have to do that?'

  24. it would be so cool if you start making google pixel cases reviews 🙂 gj

  25. What are your thoughts for attaching an adhesive attachment for belt clip/car mount to the back of a X4 case?

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