7 Best Must Have Apps for iPhone X

7 Best Must Have Apps for iPhone X


Here are great apps for iPhone X, optimized to use its hardware

App List with link coming soon

App Description

It’s a photo editor for iphone , updated with features to fully use the hardware of iphoneX.
update ui to fit iphone X screen
added support for full-color dpeth and contrast for the stunning display that has milllion : 1 contrast ratiop
powered by metal 2 rendering which has speed gains and improved graphics
The UI design makes the whole photo editing process a lot smoother in this app,
Just for rotatyion and crop, look at the options you have and how well they are placed
this app is also famous for quality and variety of filters it provides
You will also be able to play with RGB curves to adjust the color, which is a powerful tool for editing.
but most features is only for paid users and free users don’t have more option,
looking for free,
ultralight provides more tools in a clean UI , you get the same curve feature but in a slider format
point where you want the saturation and temparature to be
play with color to change individual saturation, hue
in terms of filters, you get a few for free. either way any of these two apps will be a perfect editing tool

A camera app which adds manual control to your iphone’s camera. This app also utilizes the extra space to provide more option in your fingers.
on the right side, you will find couple of extra layers, where you can find manual controls.
tapping this triangle, gives you access to the manual controls.
So you can change the ISO, focus and the white balance, notice how you can have access to all of these options all at once. Having these options make the whole process of taking a photo quick and easy.
pulling this bar up reveals additional options including capability to capture raw photo
settings you can choose the layout of the options for your ease . Overall it’s a must have with the clever design and feature it provides.

LaunchCentre Pro
Since past few iteration of iOS, apple has added features like force touch, widget to speed things up, view information with a swipe or perform actions faster. Launch Centre Pro gives you power to add custom tasks there to utilize those features.
You add this app in the dock, and also in the widget’s page. Then you can choose what options does force touch give you. it also supports app actions like launching instagram camera, serarching in google , sending message to someone
and the same goes to today widget, sop there are around 12 shortcuts you can acces from homescreen with one click or swipe.
Just try this app, I am sure you will love it

iPhone 8 and X has the fastest processor in any Mobile and this app is one of few that fully uses it.
Holo allows you to add Augmented reality stickers in your enviroment. And it works preetuy well. it blends in well
with the surrounding and lighning conditions. You can also change the size. and for each sticker you have many other versions.
After you have placed the sticker, you can record a video of it and make it look like its actually there. so bring your crerativity out and create some videos using this one.
another AR app that caught my eye was, housecraft, itts similar to holo but this one lets you add furniture. Its just a cool furniture arrangement app that lets you see how placing any object would look beforehand.

Documents by readdle
ios 11 does gives you a file explore, but documents by readdle is what you really need. it really can become your hub for all files. it’s not only a file management app, but also download manager,
you can download any file and view it here just like in a computer, it supports many video, audio and file formats like pdf, excel, word and many more. The pdf viewer has ability to edit them to. bigger file preview gives is useful.
You can also sync cloud account and access and download files in your iphone. you can make edits to the documents in cloud and save it from here.
add-ons which can add more new features if you need. File management is very core part of productivity which iOS lacked since years, and this app make iPhone very similar to Android now.

TweakBox is like appstore but fro tweaked or hacked apps. You will find many cydia tweaks that you can install without jailbreak here. MovieHD app will have a list of movies that I can watch for free without ads, you will find tweaked youtube apps with background.
You will also find paid version of some apps and games. This app is not there in appstore and you need to follow a different method that’s easy and can be done in 5 minutes. I will link it below for you guys.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/devcus
Mail : customizedevice@gmail.com
Twitter : @devcustomizer


  1. Lmfao 😂😂 his name is device customiser doing a review on the least customisable product in history 😂😂

  2. damn dude, x sounds so much cooler than 10 haha

  3. Wait, where’s the link?🤔

  4. The intro sound scared the shit out of me

  5. Nice one for suggesting the darkroom app, i have just downloaded….Brilliant photo editor

  6. win a subscriber for halide app

  7. tweakboxapp.com. it actually works. dont forget to trust the certificate in settings.

  8. Holo app not available in uk sadly

  9. where is the link for Tweatbox, 🙂

  10. where is the link at for tweakbox

  11. I need to know if there is way that can allow me to access settings at any giving time instead of always going back to the home screen to access it

  12. for tweakbox link: tweakboxapp.com (justg search tweakbox on google and take the first one ffs….its 2018 and ppl cant google..

  13. Where do I get the tweak box

  14. Anyone who calls it the IPhone 10 doesn't have one.

  15. It is iphone tenn 😂

  16. There are an app to fix the notch . Look for Notch Remover Apps .

  17. I say iPhone X not iPhone 10 it’s just sexier.

  18. Are all apps are free ?? or do we have to purchase full version to access full features

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