2X Drop Rated? – Urban Armor Gear Monarch Review – iPhone 7 cases

2X Drop Rated? – Urban Armor Gear Monarch Review – iPhone 7 cases


What comes to mind when you think of 2X Drop Rated? Twice the height? Or something else?

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The UAG Monarch is a big fancy case. And it is suppose to be tough. Fancy and tough. Seems like an odd combination but UAG makes it work. Visually, the stand out feature for this case is the back. There is a lot going on but it works.

The texture on the case makes the iPhone easier to handle, especially on the larger 7 Plus or 6s Plus. There’s one design aspect that I’m not a big fan of and the marketing fluff on this case is quite bad. Spoiler alert, 2x Drop protection isn’t really 2X. Or it is. Depending on how you interpret the marketing fluff.

If you’re looking for a similar case, check out the X-Doria Defense Lux. It’s as big as the Monarch but features an aluminum bumper. The Monarch is currently #3 on my list so to find out what tops this case, check out my Top 10 list on my website. Links are in the i or the description section below.

At Mobile Reviews Eh!, we base everything we do on actual usage. Sometimes it means getting excited to break another iPhone to prove the marketing fluff wrong. But sometimes the marketing fluff proves us wrong! Sort of. So in the next few minutes, I’m going to talk about the design of the case, the functionality it offers your iPhone and then the protection it offers your iPhone.

For design, the Monarch is a little thicker than the average iPhone case but slimmer. All the fancy layers that UAG lists out also increase the weight of the case as it sits around 54 g with the average case being around 39g.

The Monarch has 5 layers of protection which include an Armor Frame, leather, polycarbonate shear plate, allow metal hardware and impact resistant rubber. Now…one of these layers seems a little useless to me for protection. Can you guess which one? it’s the metal alloy hardware. I don’t think that’s going to do much in terms of protection. In fact, the metal alloy hardware is actually it’s own layer because it goes through the entire case.

To me, it’s like having a 7 Layer dip where the 7 th layer of dip is the bowl of chips?

The case will wear well as the leather portion won’t make any contact with a flat surface, even during drops. The texture of the case is awesome. The edges have a honeycomb design that enhances the grip. The back of the case has lots of bumps and ridges for your fingers to rub against.

Also, UAG makes this case compatible for the iPhone 6s Plus as they’ve included a cutout for the headphone jack. Which is great for iPhone 6 Plus users but people with the iPhone 7 might be a little annoyed. It’s not like it’s impossible to design a case that fits both without being obvious about like Mous does.

For functionality, I didn’t have any issues accessing the iPhone inside the case. The buttons are nice but you can see the iPhone through the buttons. The camera cutout is big enough that it doesn’t get in the way of the flash and you can use whatever lighting cable you want with the UAG Monarch. Before moving onto protection, I will note that I gave the UAG Monarch extra points because of its unique design. It’s so cool looking.

For protection, the UAG Monarch is going to provide your iPhone with great day-to-day protection from average drop heights. What? Only average? Well, the 2x drop protection doesn’t equate to 2x the drop height. It equates to UAG dropping the case 52 times at 4 ft to achieve MilSTd 810G drop rating instead of 26 times.

So technically UAG isn’t lying about the 2x drop protection, it’s just that I’ve interpreted incorrectly. Silly consumer, this is your fault, not ours. Does that bother you? How UAG presents the 2x drop protection? Doesn’t it just seem a little shady? What do you guys think?

So if you’re planning on doing any 10 ft drops with the Monarch, its going to do fine in protecting your $1000 dollar iPhone. From any height less than 4 ft.

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  1. Subscribed for the yams 😉

  2. The iPhone 10 and 6/7/8 got dropped from 50 ft and the phone survived watch everythingapplepro

  3. I have this case for the iPhone X in Carbon. This case is tough as hell. Still need a screen protector though. They also changed the headphone jack cut out, it is not there anymore. I had this case previously before for the s7 edge and it with a zag curved glass screen protector saved my phone screen from shattering. They make excellent cases from my experience. With that said I know everyone’s experience maybe different and every company sells some lemons so hopefully if you get one of these cases you will have a great experience like me/ Cheers!

  4. Great video !!! I just got one for my Xs Max.

  5. This case is definitely better than every other case out today

  6. Omg I live this case and I have dropped from 2 stories up and my 8+ still works awesome!!!! I am really pleased with it so if ur reading the comments reading about it I recommend it

  7. This case has saved my iPhone X several times, sometimes my phone slips off my hand when I’m texting and it hits the concrete floor very hard and my phone is still perfect. No cracks, no scratches. I love UAG.

  8. Mophie cases are trash FYI.

  9. dude, it's not a fluff, a strong back can avoid the deformation of the case during drop, which in turn helps in drop protection,

    remember, back plate strong is good,

    besides, strong back resist deformation which means it can last longer on drops after drops,

  10. the dog ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Um…you said "thicker but just as thin". What does that mean?

  12. I’m not sure, but at least for the polycarbonate UAG cases the fake screws seem to slightly elevate the phone within the case which might help with drops as it provides a small amount of room that may function similar to the crumple space in a car allowing the phone to slow down over a slightly longer period of time potentially making the fall not as bad

  13. What a minute ? You use the UAG ip6+ case for the ip7+

  14. This survived a 50 feet drop!!

  15. This man started counting yams

  16. The poor dog looks soooo bored

  17. Beautiful dog…but be careful of the SAR on his sensitive head 🙂

    I’m glad you pointed out the 2x folly…but I’m still interested in this case because it looks very similar to my UAG ipad Case, which although a tad heavy, has saved my iPad from numerous drops over the past 2 years

  18. in my book this case is a 10/10. Everyone should by this case no matter what this random guy says. Everything is personalized and don't listen to him. GET IT!!!!!!!!! (delete channel)

  19. I prefer the plasma series..looks cooler with the translucent back..

  20. Will this work with the wireless charging on the iPhone 8/8plus? Or does the alloy interfere?

  21. I love these UAG cases. I give them 5 yams out of 5!

  22. Will the metal alloy scratch the back of the phone.
    Also very importantly don't the metal screws go straight through the case? In that event won't the metal shatter the back of glass phones like the s8/8+ when it is dropped.

  23. Have you tried a high drop on this case?

  24. How did you train your dog? It looks so calm and well behaved, like a human.

  25. 2:09 the 3 metal alloy is poking and exposed when a phone is inserted they are touching the back of the phone, 2:40 when the phone drops to the floor it seems like the metal alloy part hits the ground first, will the metal alloy poke the back of the phone and break the back glass of the phone (e.g. S8)?

  26. I read this after ordering the Monarch….. oh well.

  27. How is it UAG can make a $60 rugged case and not include a screen protector. Seems like a really big over site for a "rugged" case. I'll stick with my Otterbox.

  28. your dog said, " wtf, thks guy its crazy, shut uo and giveme some alpo" lol

  29. Hierarchal diffusion

  30. Do you have any clue if the Monarch will block Wireless Charging? Also, Monty is so cute!

  31. Great vid… thanks
    New subscriber!

  32. UAG Cases are good quality but they look terrible

  33. Aaron i cant decide on three cases. {{[The tech 21 evo mesh, the monarch and the rhinoshield bumper with anterior/posterior protectors]}} Ive checked out your website but it didn't quite do it for me, no offense its a great comparison tool and thank you for that. I want your one (1) pick of the three (3).

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