21 Apps that FORCE You to Be More Productive

21 Apps that FORCE You to Be More Productive


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Today we’re rounding up productivity apps! This video will show you the best apps out there in 2018 for forcing yourself to be more productive, stop procrastinating, improve your self-discipline, and focus more effectively.


– Beeminder (web): https://www.beeminder.com/
– Stickk (web): http://www.stickk.com/
– The Most Dangerous Writing App (web): https://www.themostdangerouswritingapp.com/
– Strides (iOS, web): https://www.stridesapp.com/
– Coach.me (web, iOS, Android): https://www.coach.me/ 
– Discord (all platforms): https://discordapp.com/
– Freedom (all platforms): https://freedom.to
– SelfControl (Mac): https://selfcontrolapp.com/
– FocalFilter (Windows): https://www.focalfilter.com/
– Block Distracting Websites (iOS): https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1189844594?mt=8
– Block Site (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.blocksite&hl=en_US
– Cold Turkey Writer (Mac, Windows): https://getcoldturkey.com/writer/
– Blurt (web): https://blurt.app/
– Forest (iOS, Android, web): https://www.forestapp.cc/en/
– Tide pomodoro app (iOS, Android): https://tide.moreless.io/en/
– Toggl (iOS, Android, web): https://toggl.com/
– Clockify (all platforms): https://clockify.me/
– RescueTime (all platforms): https://www.rescuetime.com
– Y-Productive (Windows, Mac): https://www.y-productive.com/


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  1. Thank you for featuring our course Thomas 😊✌🏼 That was an AWESOME list!

    Francesco @ Keep Productive 🌈

  2. You look like Spanish Felipe Reyes.

  3. Cold turkey is a great app

  4. its funny because i watch this instead of doing my work

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  6. He looks like Liam Payne

  7. To be honest take a shovel and a wick and that will be your best and usfull applike thing

  8. Check out Alarmy lol. that is one of the best alarm clock apps I've ever seen.. it will literally not let you sleep.

  9. I use TMetric for work time tracking – integrates with every tool seamlessly

  10. Did anyone notice the rice crispy brothers around 11:25 ? I rewinded and slowed down just to make sure it wasn't a glitch or something

  11. I use a Windows PC and an Android phone… is there an app blocker that would allow me to manage both from a single dashboard?

  12. I recommend trying the iSmart.Life app. There is a demo and you can understand whether it suits you or not. This is a free and very convenient web app.

  13. What hoodie is that? it looks very comfortable

  14. Mitochondria ARE the powerhouse of the cells, not is.

  15. Thank you Thomas for sharing these apps! I use an Appblocker but I didn't know that's the possibility to block websites too! I'll try to use tide and togglr, thank you!

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  17. thank you Thomas for this amaizing video !

  18. „21 apps“ and „more productive“ is probably the most radical contradiction –

  19. You're more helpful than you realize.

  20. im gonna have a really rough test next week and I think these tips are gonna help me focus
    Keep up the good work Thomas! and thank you:)

  21. used it for three years but never mentioned it…. O_o

  22. Could you do a video on how to stop ‘anxiety procrastination’, aka when you avoid doing something because it is anxiety/stress provoking? Would help me loads as I really struggle with that and have struggled with it for years.

  23. Awesome video man! Going to have a crack at using some of these applications!

  24. why did snap crackle and pop show up at 11:20

  25. I need the list in words pls

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  27. Does anyone know how to contact Thomas? I had a question that would be a cool idea for a video

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  30. From INDIA:-
    I am addicted to your vedioes .
    I learnt a lot and thanks to you sir and also your friend Martin.Keep making such contents👌
    P.S. my first youtube comment

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  32. I am a new subscriber and i really love your topics so usefull

  33. Guys can"t you see that this guy is handsome haha he is intelligent though ok wow

  34. Thomas do you have any tips on being productive while driving from and to work?

  35. Hello
    my name is Anna and I am in homeschooling from Belgium
    I take and use your tips and hacks for me but do you have tips for homeschooling ?
    Thank you

  36. Hopefully now I can stop procrastinating and finish my Essay! Thanks for the tips Tom 🙂

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