10 Essential Productivity Apps for iPhone and Android

10 Essential Productivity Apps for iPhone and Android


Want to use that magical plastic light box in your pocket to be more productive? Here are 10 apps that’ll help you do just that.

We’re covering both iOS and Android this week, so there’s almost certainly something here you’ll find useful!

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10 Essential Productivity Apps for iOS and Android

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  1. Since people have been asking, here are the links to my wallpapers!

    Desktop: https://www.reddit.com/r/wallpapers/comments/3npdce/1920x1080_october_forest_variant_in_comments/

    iPhone: http://i.imgur.com/n8FX1hc.jpg

    The Android phone belongs to my friend Martin and I think the wallpaper on it might have been stock.

  2. Im waiting for another of these! Love new apps!

  3. Solcalendar

  4. I personally think that Adobe Scan from Adobe is one of the better scan apps

  5. Always business people finds http://www.desss.com in Houston is best for the webdesign and project management

  6. How many goddam apps does one need to be productive ? All of that is just a create way not to feel guilty while you actually procrastinate

  7. i am an student(app Developer) and i will following you from a long-time….
    i check out most of application that you suggest . they all are good but complicated….
    So i want to make an application that is easy to use.
    So which type of app that i should make….
    and Thanks This is Great video..

  8. Even though i'm seeing this 2 years later these apps seem like they are up to date. great vid

  9. I found this helpful. Better quality info than other videos.

  10. I use forest as a pomodoro timer tbh

  11. Is there an updated version of this video?

  12. I am eating that sandwich, definitely

  13. Dropbox paper does soo much

  14. Forest is a paid app now and I try to search for alternative and I found you recommend the focus keeper app. Thanks!

  15. watch that form on the pushups champ

  16. i want to use wunderlist but afraid microsoft will close it

  17. This was super informative. Some I already had but some I never have even heard of. Definitely going to be a life changer. Thanks Thomas!!!

  18. Thomas you know anything programs for ppl to collaborate online free?

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