10 best Android flashlight apps with no extra permissions

10 best Android flashlight apps with no extra permissions


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Join us as we round up the best Android flashlights with no extra permissions!

Color Flashlight – http://goo.gl/oz3jgm
Flashlight – http://goo.gl/YzMCWk
Flashlight by SimGears – http://goo.gl/7PpU1n
Flashlight HD LED – http://goo.gl/Mtbb0X
Mega Flashlight – http://goo.gl/Dt1Ah1
Privacy Flashlight – http://goo.gl/1pXTd3
Super-Bright LED Flashlight – http://goo.gl/rJUXkS
TeslaLED Flashlight – http://goo.gl/LnxI4A
Tiny Flashlight – http://goo.gl/bbKLBK
Torch – http://goo.gl/9pgFjg

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  1. Just smash a bunch of fireflies all over your house. And it's FREE😹

  2. What is best app for fluorescent flashlight for Android?

  3. super bright flashlight x. is an amzing app. please try it too bro.


  5. love your videos…fast and efficient, no bullshit and straight to the point…thanks

  6. Hey i found this app which asks for less permissions download and check everyone


  7. if i use my phone flash as a strobe light…will it affect my phone…..help plz

  8. Smart applications change your phone into a flashlight very bright, smart flashlights designed for those who want a bright flashlight and durable, light generated more than twice as bright. The advantages of smart flashlights are:

    1. The resulting light brighter
    2. Light remains alive even though the phone screen turns off and the light lingers even after you open an application or game.
    3. Light Screen that lets you display the lighter if your phone is not supported flash.
    4. Double flash which can be set easily and produce more light.
    5. Supports SOS light which can flash lights flashing.
    6. Police Light which screen will produce colorful light.
    7. Color light produces colored screens according to your wishes.
    8. Traffic light make your phone screen more professional.
    Download for free….


  9. adaptive torch much better and no extra permissions

  10. there's this new thing and people are saying that there are viruses in the flashlight apps.

  11. These are some bright ideas.

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