10 Best Android Apps of 2017 According to Google Play Awards 😎

10 Best Android Apps of 2017 According to Google Play Awards 😎


10 Best Android Apps of 2017 According to Google Play Awards. As every year, Google wants to highlight the best Android apps available in the Google play store to encourage the app creators, reward them for more visibility and demonstrate that there is quality on their platform. This has not been a different year and in the framework of Google I/O 2017, the company has announced the winners of the best android apps from different categories.

Download Links:
01. Red Bull TV https://goo.gl/Stp5Vf
02. TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight https://goo.gl/9mKgH3
03. Memrise: Learn a new language https://goo.gl/K2x6NG
04. Runtastic Running & Fitness https://goo.gl/ka9ir8
05. IFTTT https://goo.gl/sABved
06. Animal Jam https://goo.gl/0HYsBa
07. HOOKED – Chat Stories https://goo.gl/GpD6BJ
08. HearthStone https://goo.gl/wFYIOf
09. Mushroom 11 (PAID) https://goo.gl/Im4d8R
10. ShareTheMeal https://goo.gl/FQhHpx

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