10 Apps Every College Student Should Use! | Best Apps For College

10 Apps Every College Student Should Use! | Best Apps For College


Top 10 apps every college student has on their phone or computer! How to contact police in an unsafe situation, increase productivity, budget your money, get organized, and never miss a due date again!

Hey beauties! After all your positive feedback from my 5 apps every girlboss uses video, I wanted to make a part 2 to my useful apps for college students video I made years ago! I hope these help you out a lot because they are super important, and one could even save your life! let me know if you want more college tips or more girl boss apps! love you babes!
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  1. So, you only make videos for just women tips 😑😒 ok??? You should make videos for both genders, not just females. That's not right

  2. why you dont given the link?

  3. Hiiii I’m new here 🙂

  4. Less information and too much talk..

  5. lol politicians make you unsafe after taking taxes and you pay them double by safe apps.howmuch chemical you rubbed on face? it was shining and ugly

  6. Apps for school… your school portal, a safety alert app, Venmo and an alarm clock… groundbreaking stuff here

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  9. I loved the video! And I really liked how you deliver the information in very slightly and lovely way, and you’re so pretty BTW. Thank you so much Caitlin. 💜

  10. Please your account instagram


  12. tmetric actitime – for accurate time tracking – good add to this perfect list

  13. Maybe list the apps in the description..?

  14. none of these apps was helpful..sleep cycle was interesting but that cost too much. This must be for white girls…

  15. 2mins in and you are still talking. You suck

  16. uber supports tump so i use lift

  17. Video starts at 1:30
    Thank me later

  18. Haven't watched this yet, but Mint better be on here.

  19. You did talk a lot but it was still good info.

  20. You are so hot.. is here increasing hotness

  21. You look beautiful dear 😇

  22. the truth about college!

  23. Well my dad bought me a tazer/stungun a few years back to always be able to protect myself and also my whole family as well as my friends have a an app that allows us all to know each other's location and when we arrive home safely it's called life 360 I believe lol but I know for Iphones now you have an option with the power button to get help but I have Android so I plan to download that app as extra safety bc what if I for some reason can't defend myself or I'm fallowed like you said this video was really helpful

  24. Am new and happy to join the family🔥🔥🔥

  25. whats was the song in the end please it amazing whats the song name ?

  26. This was really informative, I didn't know about a few of these apps and I'm a junior in college. Safetrek/Noon was extremely helpful. I downloaded it w/ quickness!

  27. there's another app like safe trek called noonlight and i highly recommend it

  28. The first thing that i've noticed about you,

    Your so gorgeous.

  29. On my iPhone, I could just press my lock button 5 times and they’ll countdown and alert the authorities and send location to emergency contacts

  30. TurboScan saved my life! 🙌🏻🙌🏻💜

  31. another useless video east smh

  32. im a freshman in highschool im rly nervous i start on the 13 got any advice

  33. You look like Nina Dobrev

  34. I had spacehead but I didn't use it really I kinda felt I had no time and now I think It will worse since I'm studying pharmacy always no time. Ps: I just found you and I'm glad I did

  35. Does this apps also work in other countries?

  36. My husband, while working for FAU, helped to create Safetrak with the developers. Cool to see it advertised.

  37. I’m in the 8th grade why am I watching college videos?

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