ZTE AXON 7 “Real Review” The Best $400 Phone?

ZTE AXON 7 “Real Review” The Best $400 Phone?


ZTE AXON 7 “Real Review” The Best $400 Phone?
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The Best sounding and listening smartphone with hifi audio – highest Quality sound reproduction and amplification of music/video playback and record.
• Optimized Camera experience takes great still images and video W minimal manual operation – larger Camera, 20 MP rear and 8 MP Front facing cameras, for higher Quality images
• Fingerprint customization – launching apps, taking pictures for security and to launch other application
• Beautiful Industrial design with continuous smooth Surface that feels great in your hands
• 3250 mAh battery with Qualcomm quick charge 3.0, Expandable memory Android M (6.0.1), Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor


  1. Back when i almost bought the axon 7

  2. I would love a phone without a volume button and then all u have to do is turn up the volume with a fingerprint sensor now I would buy that phone! like this too make it happen!

  3. 12:25 "Ladies." Oh… I am here for this lmao this review is so entertaining! And informative, thank you. This phone looks so damn good, I wish it wasn't more now than it's launch price (something's not right there…). Is there a $400 or less phone nowadays with similar specs, preferably with capacitive buttons?

  4. Ordered mine this morning

  5. Mine arrives DHL today. Gearbest $229 new, unlocked 🙂 Second phone I've bought after Flossy blessed it!

  6. Ehy friend! I'm italian and your english language is amazing! Really really great review! Nice too meet you bro!

  7. With that tone you make me feel like I did something wrong by being on this video :l

  8. still 460 USD on amazon

  9. I need some help deciding. What is the best choice axon 7 or the Huawei Mate 9 ??? Please help

  10. Does it get upgrade thru Wi-Fi for Oreo?

  11. Axon 7 is a good phone for the price. Had mine for almost a year now. My issue has been slow updates from ZTE, took them a long time to push encryption standards (check the forums on that issue if you need to)pain to get registered on Verizon, and switching towers while travelling is bad. No matter which APN settings, I can drive across town and it drops coverage or to under even 2G service on TMobile while getting 4G on the screen. About to sell it, just tired of dealing with it and I am very technical by trade, so it's not me.

  12. what's the make and model of that alcatel phone?

  13. He says 'I don't like that' a lot! I don't like that.

  14. Hey Floss, out of all the budget phones that you have to this date, which one would you say is is the best and that is GSM capable? I’m looking for Camera, features and speed. What do you recommend?

  15. And good man about the kids. If they deserve it, right.

  16. ''The fuckin' Floss Factor''.

  17. Hi Flossy, nice review man. I just got the Axon 7 and I think its a great phone. Could you please tell me what watch-weather widget you have ?

    Thank you

  18. any chance u can review this $220 phone called zte axon pro supposed have best music play DAC 4k hd vids https://www.amazon.com/ZTE-Axon-Pro-Unlocked-Warranty/dp/B01685JEMK?th=1

  19. Mac and cheese dripping lololol

  20. hahaha nice name Floss, suits the job

  21. Is 400$ expensive for US people? For russian this is alot…

  22. This phone easily kills those two phones no doubt lol just compare the spec sheets of the two.

  23. Why is everyone getting rid of battery swapping? IDGAF about water proofing i can buy a case that is 100% water proof for damn near any phone

  24. Great reviews But one thing THEY UPDATED IT so you can toggle the NOTIFICATION BELL

  25. Did you not like the Honor 8 or was it not worthy enough to be apart of this comparison?

  26. should do a review on a ZTE Zmax Pro it's a great phone

  27. Thanks for the info on the speakers. My Nexus 6p is loud, but I've got two sim cards active. The Axon 7 is a must for a second phone, plus I could use the one phone with both sims inside, and still have loud speakers. Definitely a real review, thanks again.

  28. Would you buy Axon 7 over LG V20 if it costed only $150 less? In other words, is V20 worth paying $150 more?

  29. haha this dude kills me. I can tell just by his voice that im gunna get a good honest review. love it.

  30. this is my dream phone but I heard it still won't work for Verizon, I may have to change providers 🙁 , so which would be better t mobile or att

  31. watched the review on pocketnow→meh, a'it not bad
    watched the review here→dis shit lit af gonna buy dat phone however old it is
    sick vids floss and kiu bruh

  32. Floss, I'm a big fan, do you have a Daydream headset? Have you tried it with the Axon7? I think it's the biggest selling feature of this phone.

  33. I have the mini which is similar in hardware. The phone is awesome!

  34. for the flashlight gesture it dosent turn on when you shake it with the screen off so when your running for example it dosent turn on and waste battery

  35. Why you sound so upset mang? I flinch every time you say something cuz I think you're gonna reach through the screen and hit me.

  36. Floss, can you tell me how long the battery life is of the ZTE vs HTC? I'm hearing the battery life is only about 16 hrs on the ZTE. Average battery life for a cell phone is 26 hours standby. I have an HTC M9 right now and it is fine at 26ish standby but I'm a little concerned about taking 10 hours off that. I can only imagine what the ZTE would do when you're running it all day. However, I really want the ZTE if it has a decent battery life. I figured you'd be the best person to ask. Thanks!

  37. Quick question. Ran into ZTE Axon 7 mini for 200. Is that a good "Trap" phone as you would call it ? Would this be a good option considering is a smaller version of this phone your reviewing ?

  38. The lock screen bell is a major L

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