Windows 8.1 One Calendar app review

Windows 8.1 One Calendar app review


Great Calendar app to replace the default windows 8 calendar


  1. It's a great calendar but keep in mind that most of the features shown here are only available if you pay for it. It looks a bit different now (Dec 2017).

  2. Is it possible to print or save as a pdf?

  3. for one calander to sync with google calander you have to pay now.

  4. Can I set up alarm for this calendar? Not just notification sound but a ringtone or alarm tone?

  5. I like it but have some bugs in Windows 10 laptop and Windows 10 phone. I can't seem to get the reminders to work. I set an appointment with a reminder for say 5 minutes before the appt. time and nothing happens. It does not "remind" me if the app is open or closed or on my phone either. What good are the reminders if they don't remind you. Am I doing something wrong?

  6. Po grafické stránce a možnostech nastavení zatím hodnotím 4*

  7. Did you know it now also available on Windows Phone ?

  8. Will this sync with multiple google calendars?

  9. does it have the ability to share with others and do a collective sync?

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