Windows 10 Mini PC – ACEPC T9 // Review

Windows 10 Mini PC – ACEPC T9 // Review


The ACEPC T9 is available here:

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The ACEPC T9 Specs:
CPU – Intel Atom Cherry Trail Z8350 ( Quad Core )
GPU – Intel HD ( Intel Gen 8-LP )
Internal storage 32 GB
Max external/expending storage, i test it with 500GB HDD but i think it will recognize any other 2.5” external HDD/SSD
Dual Band Wi-Fi, LAN RJ45, BT 4.0
Windows 10 Home 64-bit OEM

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  1. it can run unturned in low set with 30FPS?

  2. Hey andrew can you install mac os x on this mini pc

  3. Abi buna hekintoş kurarmisiniz

  4. I'm just wondering how this would perform with macOS 🤔 it should be interesting…

  5. 32 Gig internal storage is a joke, you will run out of space in notime. Guys, buy it when it has 64 gig internal sorage minimum. Below that it's just pure crap!

  6. Your video is very nice!!
    Even I am korean… And I subed your channel!

  7. please make a video about your setup tour!!!

  8. Hello andrew i have hackintosh but from yesterday it wont start shows I/O error

  9. One question-
    Some games lag while playing on pc(low ram 😅) will it also lag on my android(6gb ram😎)?? Or it depends on internet(remotr)?? Please tell me…….please!! 😢

  10. Hello, how are ?
    I prefer the old intro more to be honest. 😅, and I want to ask you something Andrew…
    Does this ram
    Supported by Mac OS for a hackentosh and I got the gigabyte Z270N- WIFI motherboard, which I know it's good for hackentosh but I'm not sure about the ram and I hoped that you can help me?

    Plus sure by the time I'm done I'll make a video about it and share the link with you if you want to share my experience with people, since I'm watching your tutorials to learn how to get Everything together 😄

    But still, getting back to the question, if you have an idea about the RAM, please?

  11. Can you make a video on How to Hackintosh a chromebook?

  12. andreewwwwwwww pllzzzzz that Apple PCCCCC VIDEEOOO!!!!!!

  13. do you want to make a video about hackintosh on this mini pc?

  14. Andrew is the most underrated YouTuber! You have/are one of my favorite channels.
    Can we hit the 10K likes!? and 50K subs? Come on guys!

  15. Giveaway to me need computer

  16. Your videos are extraordinary and you can make frequent videos to growth of the channel. I always support you.

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