What’s The Apps: Launcher 7 – Windows Phone on Your Android

What’s The Apps: Launcher 7 – Windows Phone on Your Android


What’s The Apps: Launcher 7 – Windows Phone on Your Android

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Jon Q takes a look and reviews Launcher 7 for Android OS. Launcher 7 is the third Homescreen launch application Jon has reviewed on WTA. Unlike the others, this particular app has the unique ability to mimic the visual styles and behaviors of the Windows Phone 7 interface. But is it any good? Find out on today’s episode!


  1. Jon Q… 😭 You're no longer on the end credits, what happened?!

  2. Guys get launcher 8 its way better

  3. How much is post office in your country?


  5. Hey if you go to the app drawer and long press the app you can add it to the home screen

  6. As someone else said, you're trying too hard to be funny. It's painful to watch and comes off as very unnatural.

  7. my favorite launcher gets updates with awesome awesome features now

  8. the fact that you're trying hard to be funny is not funny.

  9. Its been through some awesome updates since this show

  10. & not funny but semi informative

  11. Aaaannnnnnnoooooooyyyyyyeeeeedddddddddd

  12. Too much face, not enough phone.

  13. Man i love all your vids ur so funny lol, i know u said no more launchers for a while but speaking of, can u take some time for sslauncher? It's quite similar and stylish xD

  14. No! you can get miss call amount, unread msg amount and so more on it.

  15. @xtacee1990 dude that didnt come out right

  16. you know, if you're going to do ads (wtf, btw), you could at least leave out the "again;" part where you reread information that's on the screen for people who are too stupid to push pause. This isn't a TV.

  17. Metro ui is the best wp7 emulator

  18. if you long press on the apps in the app page it has the option to pin to home screen so you dont have to go through the mail app thing that you did.

  19. If you want to get rid of it after trying it and not being satisfied THEN Follow these step:
    1. Go To Settings
    2. Go to Applications in the Settings Menu
    3. Go to Manage application in the Applications menu
    4. Go to Launcher 7 and press on it
    5. Then press uninstall 😀
    Like this so other people can see

  20. could you please review google goggles it is the app that got me into technology loving

  21. review GOSMS pro? its complete overhaul of messaging. in fact review any GO app they all cool

  22. @tessydesi go to your settings, applications, manage applications, select launcher 7 and uninstall it

  23. how do i get rid of this after installin it??? i want to go back to my old android software 🙁

  24. @GiNOtUB3 its not WP7, its Launcher7. And to use Launcher7 you dont need root, no

  25. Check out the Geocaching app. Its fun, costs $10 but totally worth it!!!

  26. Bad review, reviewer is "using it wrong". Please check your fact before you put it up on the internet. I used this for 5 minute and know way more how it works then this "reviewer ".

  27. Check out Line Birds its a free app on IOS that fun and addictive

  28. You missed quick a bit of stuff when it came to the app. I tried and found the solution for some of your issues. I'd suggest a run down of every setting you could find for the next app you review.

  29. I want madden nfl 12 but its like 7 bucks

  30. I want to see forscore! I would buy it, but i don´t own an iPad. But if this app is awesome, i would buy an iPad just for using this app or an app like this. like unreal book or … uhm… forgot the names …


  31. I like watching videos of both Jons, are fun, but Noah isn't.

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