Turn Your Old Android Phone/Tablet into the Ultimate Car GPS

Turn Your Old Android Phone/Tablet into the Ultimate Car GPS


This video shows how to turn your old unused Android Cell Phone or Tablet into a dedicated Car GPS that far surpasses stand alone GPS units.

The guide will instruct how to sync the Phone or Tablet with the car using the app Automateit and enabling auto power on when USB Cable is plugged in. This makes it so the Phone or Tablet powers on when the car is started and powers off when the car is turned off.

You can use any offline GPS app (video shows Sygic Navigation).

A huge advantage of using a Modified Android Phone/Tablet as a dedicated car GPS is the ability to install Android Apps.

Phone/Table synced to the car allows for in dash installs.

Rooted Android Phone/Tablet
Moderate Computer Skills

Apps Needed:
Sygic Offline Navigation (or your choice of Navigation App)

Video Overview:
1. Install Automateit
2. Install Sygic Offline Navigation
3. Set Automateit Rules
4. Enable Auto Power on when USB Cable is Plugged in
5. Test out GPS

Install Android SDK Tools Video:

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  1. I am thinking of getting this car GPS system iliketogo.shop/s/8z/ The reviews and ratings are great.

  2. In order to use an old phone as a GPS, you'll need to purchase 2 apps from the G Store. Then, you'll either need a used tablet or phone (preferably a phone with a big screen) then spend upwards of 2 days installing…or you can buy a used GPS for less than $100. And if you have an old phone, you can donate it.

  3. I have downloaded free version automateit. Does this work with moto G ?? I am not able to find shutdown icon.

  4. WHY??????????????? SAY: OK GOOGLE NAVIGATE TO……….

  5. MAPS.ME is simple and free and no data used.

  6. How to make sure screen stays on while maps is on

  7. How to get your windows broken tutorial by Cauchypotato

  8. I have purchased a 2 Din Car dash monitor from Banggood with GPS support. They have provided GPS Ant which is also connected. Product ID: GYL-AU01, Software ID: AU01-004-20161210. 8GB TF card, I have purchased. Screen shows only + touch (? ) How I may install the GPS facility ?
    Dr.Thomas Baby , Kerala, India. e-thomasbaby.ply@gmail.com

  9. This isn't any perfect way as the phone's li-ion battery will definitely swell after some months and can also explode due to overcharging.

  10. Or you could just use google maps

  11. Just us old ph download LOOKOUT app and install on ph create an account turn on location make sure u have roaming data on boom GPS tracker that u can follow through any device by logging in to ur account on line

  12. Hi, i get every thing done and my tablet fits perfect in my car thank’s to you! I have just one more little problem: “brightness”! during the day i use 100%, but in the night 10%, it’s there any way to set a trigger for example between 7:00am-7:00pm brightness 100% and between 7:01pm till 6:59am brightness 10% ??? thanks

  13. Correct command: fastboot oem off-mode-charge 0

  14. The automatic pro apps is not offered in the google play. How i wish to use my old phone for gps tracker like this, but i don't have the apps to download. Can you help me on this sir? Thank you very much!

  15. what if i dont' want to shut down the phone and want to control the car using my android phone remotely. (just for fun)

  16. you could only download one country.. where are you trevelling.. there is no need to go to australia on my CAR!

  17. I can not find the power action key because I can not root. how do I do rooting?

  18. Why not also use it as a dash cam?

  19. WTF? Not all phones all capable of using every action in automateit. Even rooted. That would have been nice to know.

  20. The stand alone GPS, their interface is awful.

  21. This person is going way to fast to be an instructor.!!!! Can't be followed and it's a waste of time trying to do so.!!! He knows where he is going but is so fast no once can see what he is doing………..

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