Transfer WhatsApp Chats From Old Phone To Any New Android Phone Including Nokia X XPlus & XL

Transfer WhatsApp Chats From Old Phone To Any New Android Phone Including Nokia X XPlus & XL


Easy to follow tutorial to Transfer WhatsApp Chats From Old Phone To Any New Android Phone Including Nokia X XPlus & XL.

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  1. Thank you so much this video is very useful. I had an online back up and my new phone refused to restore it displaying "check the internet connection". Thanks to your video I moved my whatsapp and it was way faster than the online chat back up. Thanks!!

  2. Glad to see a DCE Alumini , I'm in Batch 2020 !

  3. thanku so much for your precious video

  4. if i have a new phone that i already used whatsapp on and i want the current database on it to be kept/safe there is anyway to merge the old whatsapp phone into the new one while keeping the database not to be corrupted or overwrited? like if i will copy the entire files/folders on the old one into the new one so the new one which already used whattapp will be corrupted or just deleted? i hope it wasnt to hard to understand … thanks

  5. Can't we do this without using laptop as an intermediator???

  6. Hi my situation is bit complicated can you help me with this(my sim is disconnected permanently by company..for some reason…I am buying new no. But I don't know how to transfer my whatsapp data to that no.)can you please help me…really need help..

  7. the backup take forever it's only 1.5 GB and 6 hours passed and still 7% only WTF, what's wrong what can I do?
    the internet speed is not that slow it's 8 Mbs

  8. You didnt tell us whether to pull out any MSD cards or put them in any particular positions. Only half way thru the video we realized that youve already pulled out the sim and its in the new fone to start with. All this is not the way a technical matter should be taught. I am migrating to a new latest handset. mobile number etc is the same. I had first put in my old sim into the new phone. Then copied the WhatsApp folder from the old phone to the new phone (on which i already installed new current WhatsApp, because you didn't tell us that after the folder transfer only we should install WhatsApp on the new phone). However, deleted cache and data, so that it again starts the account creation and prompts to import the old folder as it did in your video. That worked. However none of the chats have come into the new phone. It simply shows the start a new chat button. And 8.5 lac views for this baseless video.

  9. Why is it necessary to have the sim is it for the whatsapp code or contact problem ?? I have the inserted the sim on another phone so i ll get the code from there and contacts i have already stored on my new phone n so can i do the folder process or copy whatever u said without the sim on my new phone ?

  10. Brilliant video. Thank you

  11. Mere orignal backup 342 mb ka hai
    Par naye phone me whatsapp reinstalled karne pr current 22mb ka restore bata rha
    Any suggestions please

  12. does this process works for hike too ??

  13. Plz ansr me … I have lost my sim and i want to transfer all my chats to a new no, in a new phone. Tell me is it possible?? If so.. Plz let me know

  14. Sir I have Asus zenfone max and my old phone is microsoft 640xl, I try some thinks but those are not work properly.
    can you please help me.

  15. Hey… After transferring chats on new phn Can I use the same phn number while I'm opening wp on that new phn…?? & can I use that old Sim card also on new phn??…. Plzz ans.. I need to know…. I want to totally transfer my wp in New phn with the same Sim card & same number which I use in my old one

  16. It was too good
    Thank You for helping me

  17. You can talk to richie for any hacking job and he will surly help you and do a good job for you… Richiedhackexpert @gmail. Com

  18. Can I backup the WhatsApp data to my Google Drive n then restore to my old phone fm it ?

  19. Hey hi bro I got new phone new SIM nd I want to copy all number nd group to the new phone nd with new SIM is that possible ??

  20. Under settings I dont have chat settings. I have lot of msgs on old phone. When I installed Whatsapp in new phone, I have some new msgs on new phone. I can have whatsapp only on one phone, Now it is on new phone. It wont allow me to use whatsapp on old phone. How to get all msgs from old phone to new phone.

  21. My phone broke, and i got a new phone , i had some unread mesgs on my old phone how can i get those mesgs back on my new phone, as it's not working

  22. I want switch my whats app from one phone to another but i dont have same number sim card.

  23. i was not able to transfer all my chat with this process. please help

  24. Get That!
    Desi Boys 😂😂

  25. hi how to transfer android watsapp data to i phone

  26. First talk slowly. Do you know what that is?.

  27. Actually my old phone stopped working and now I got a new phone is there a way to get my whatsapp message into my new one

  28. कुछ नया बताते भाई। हुंह


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