Top 5 New iPhone Apps (April 2015 Week 1)

Top 5 New iPhone Apps (April 2015 Week 1)



(No.4) DITTY:

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Thanks for watching! 🙂


  1. Hi, thanks for the videos. Did you review " pushbullet"?

  2. Will you comment on this comment

  3. i know I'm late getting ready to get this phone your video is helpful much respect for u thanks bro

  4. You're doing a great job! You helped me out a lot! Thanks dude! 😉

  5. Oh Wow the Corridor Z was/is still a lot of fun ! I have almost finished the game. Music is great and so are sounds affects. I kind of wish I hadn't updated the app, as I loved the intro story to the game. Aside from that great little game and like you said "refreshing" 🙂 Your videos are great ! I enjoy watching them, both for the games recommendations and for the top 5 iPhone Apps recommendations!

  6. I'm from India I'm a big fan of you and your videos it's amazing the way you present them and my iPhone just looks like heaven everything in there thanks mate !! Keep up the good work cheers 😀

  7. do you live in a dungeon? lol nice video brother, subbed.

  8. I think I just found the weirdest app ever 😑 ditty !!!


  10. hey matt, loving corridor Z…and SPECIALY INFINIT! Y MEAN IS JUST GREATLY AWESOME!!! SO THX A LOT MAN

  11. Favorite was Corridor Z…

  12. absolutley love ditty! makes boring messages hilarious! love your videos!

  13. This is so good and useful so I was wondering if you could add me on snapchat please that would be so cool👍

  14. may be you should ask viewers that which app type they require and suggest the best app in return.
    like for device connectedness is the one im looking for.

    thanx.a great show nevertheless.

  15. Infinit is a cool utility and really useful. Great choices of apps, Matt…

  16. Love you vids keep doing what you are doing

  17. I just want to say I love your videos you have some good taste in apps 😂

  18. Hey mate, just to let you know that I'm always looking for your videos due to the fact I love what you do! Always keen to see what the best new apps out there are, you do all the work for me basically, keep it up bud!

  19. I only just discovered your channel and.. Wow, you're awesome. You look like such a nice guy, you're videos are great ! Keep making them like you do. Thank you for sharing all of this with us 🙂 we appreciate

  20. Great vid as usual. what is the music playing in the background?

  21. Great video matt I should of subscribed to you ages ago I'm already a huge fan and I've just subscribed today pie in the sky is my favourite app can't wait for more amazing games

  22. Hey this is my first video and let me tell you that you are really great, I mean it and you've got my subscribe, keep up the great work Matt!

  23. It's a late comment now, but I forgot to mention that I absolutely love using Ditty. I'm trying to get everyone to use it. Also, last voyage was an incredibly intriguing game. I enjoyed every bit of it and yes, it could've been longer.

  24. Going to try out Infinit. I have a DropBox, but I'm not a complete fan of it, maybe this would be a great alternative. Thanks for showing it, didn't even know it existed!

  25. 1.the name ditty is funny 2.the actual thing is so funny 3. You are awesome

  26. Hi Matt! Great videos as usual.
    Just thought I'd pitch in an idea.
    If you have a little bit more time maybe you could browse around the AppStore for lesser known apps. Eg. those that aren't featured in the front page.
    Would help out a new Apple user a lot. Thanks! Keep the good vids coming.

  27. Bro your edits are really good

  28. Great video this week I have been a really big fan of yours can't wait to see what apps will you put as your top 5

  29. You're really cool, I like your channel, you speak very clearly and I also love your accent!

  30. Hi Matt! So many awesome apps this week, however, my favorite was Infinit. What a cool way to share photos with friends and family! Keep the great videos coming and have a great week!

  31. Was looking for an alternative to dropbox….and now I have it
    Thanks bro

  32. I've been missing Infinit in my life!!! Thanks Matt for the heads up :)) and I'm going to try out Ditty,, probably will end up wasting half a day trolling my friends with it, thanks again xD

  33. I just have question. How you have room for all these apps on phone? Haha. Great video as alway. Sorry for bad English. I am Russian and speak little English.

  34. You should start doing app reviews.  Especially ones like snapchat and youtube cause they have fairly low ratings.  It would be nice to see someone do an honest review.  🙂

  35. "You smell like Big Foot's dick."

  36. thanks for putting more free games on your channel 

  37. I love your videos I like mostly all the apps that you feature

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