Top 10 Apps Compatible on IOS 6.1.6! 2018!

Top 10 Apps Compatible on IOS 6.1.6! 2018!


This is the top ten apps still working on IOS 6.1.6!


10. Stickwars LE

9. Geometry Dash Lite

8. Trivia Crack

7. Angry Birds (Paid Only)

6. Dragon Ball Z Dakkan Battle

5. Minion Rush

4. KiK

3. Remind 101

2. Bike Race TFG

1. Clash of Clans

sorry about it being the wrong way my camera wouldn’t change the other way.


  1. Hi everyone will be making new video on updated version of this soon!

  2. 2018 you uploaded this in 2016

  3. I think all of these apps do NOT work in 2019 sooooo…

  4. Thanks, this was useful. Have an old phone that now the kids can play with 🙂

  5. geometry dash DOE'S NOT WORK ON IOS 6.1.6 CUASE IT SAYS "this ap needs ios 8.0 or later">:(

  6. iOS 6.1.6: the last good iOS

  7. No angry birds no be workin

  8. Now clash of clans dose not work in june 2018 it requires ios 9 now ☹️

  9. LMAO "Top 10 Apps Compatible on IOS 6.1.6! 2018!" Posted in 2016….

  10. Why people hate this video to much i like it 👍👍

  11. Can you tell me which application is I can use to download music 🎶

  12. CoC, Angry Birds, Geometry Dash and some other games in this list don't even work anymore.

  13. What is wrong with your fucking camera

  14. For those who want to get an old version of an ios app then go to your computer, download iTunes, and then plug it in to your old iPhone,iPad, or iPod touch. And then go to where it says App Store and then download an app that you want to download it requires you to sign in into your apple ID, once that is finished unplug your iDevice and go to the App Store on your phone and then go to recent purchases and go to the thing where it says not on this iPhone and then download it. (Just a quick reminder you need an old version of iTunes because any newer version won't have the App Store on it)

  15. Hello! Good video! Thanks!
    Edit: why do you lie and say 2018 in the title as I don’t think one or two of those works 🙁

  16. none of the ones i tried work anymore

  17. too bad clash of clans doesn't work anymore

  18. not helpful says required ios 7.1.7

  19. Hello I want to ask if you can join our clan it's called RIVERSDALE YR6 I will personally give you free co leader and I will suscribe to your channel thank you for the video

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