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Tiny Wings iPhone Gameplay Review – AppSpy.com


Tiny Wings iPhone Gameplay Review.
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  1. Great Review I love how you speak not out of personal opinion but from a technical stand point.

  2. then i guess i'm 50% screwed up, i have both, i enjoy both for what they are.

  3. i have tiny wings and angry birds, been thinking about fruit ninja, have yet to get it. love these bird games though. cute and fun.

  4. Dragon, Fly! On Android is much better.

  5. @TheBeeOnMyNose Along with many others here, I give this asinine post (bad grammar and all) thumbs down.

  6. This game is gangster, and the bird trying to fly is cute

  7. Tiny Wings, Angry Birds, and Fruit Ninja. Those are my addictions. Too bad my iPod died in August ;(

  8. Wow. I'm trying to find out which is the original as I see a lot of different developers making similar games. eg. Dragon Fly and Moon Chaser. These games are 98% identical.

  9. Wtf did they change the bird jumping out of the nest at the beginning??

  10. can you listen to music while you play?

  11. Hey everyone ! Give a try to our game Snail Domino, it is a bit like angry birds, support an indie developer! you have free versions and paid once for iphone ad ipad on the AppStore! everybody says that the graphism is like tiny wings!

  12. i love it when the bird creams woohoo!!

  13. I don't have this game, but is it worth buying? And what are nests?

  14. @HiragaSaitoZero no it is dont worry, its ok… im here now its better dont worry tiny wings is better

  15. @TheBeeOnMyNose Perhaps you should try harder at learning the big words. Don't knock someone for having a vocabulary and knowing how to use it. I found the video very informative.
    He probably is reading a script, as that would be the professional thing to do when you're trying to make a legitimate review in under 2 minutes, not your average 'Omg this game was teh awesome!!!11' youtube video.

  16. @HiragaSaitoZero Nawww, tiny wings is better mate

  17. Looks like the Excite Bike.

  18. Thumbs up if u searched for Tiny Wings after watching the dorkly video

  19. @CurtyyyCurt Crush the castle > Angry birds

  20. wtf r u saying? speak english plz

  21. Thst is the cutest bird I have ever seen! (:

  22. Tiny Wings=Angry Birds.

  23. Is it possible to get on, droid

  24. Check out WTFQuiz on the Appstore for free only on 24th and 25th of April

  25. Am on score 24x and i cant get to island 4 without any slides and fever mode for 34sec is impossible!

  26. Beat my fever 102 seconds try 🙂

  27. =[ highest is only 143745

  28. can't get past 7, its too arcady, there should be something that boosts your day, this game is pretty much daytime all in one shot, however, its EXTEREMLY ADDICTIVE and a well rounded game. I find that this game is very competitve with angry birds!

  29. Adam – 228752
    Longest Fever 85.95
    Great Slides 59
    Cloudtouches 32
    Coins Eaten 245
    Distance 551.4m
    Multiplier 26x

  30. My high score is 212928 and my score multiple x28. Yea I'm a beast..

  31. my challenges atm are reach 9th island, do 20 cloud jumps not in fever, and complete the entire 4th island in fever…. GG

  32. @finnishvalt Just finished it, it was a bitch. I suggest just not flying at all and slide in between each hill

  33. "reach the 4th island without any ->" harrrrrd

  34. @RareImperfection Er… yes it is true dude. Surely the fact that you've done it both ways numerous times and haven't been granted the achievement should tell you that the problem is your end. I have the achievement and I've never done it five in a row. Gave it to me the first and only time I did it. I suggest hitting your phone with a hammer and trying again.

  35. @AppSpy what do i need to do to apply for the staff?

  36. @rueman464
    (sorry on Ipod can't properly reply)
    Thanks! I downloaded, now just trying to figure out how to get to island 5
    Upside down 😀

  37. Do the sun coins increase you day or is the length of a day the same each time? I'm not sure about downloading this…

  38. @catdog7531 Every real time day. It's not just the colour scheme which changes but the actual landscape too so you have to master a new set of islands every day.

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