The Best Weather Apps for Android

The Best Weather Apps for Android


▶ Weather Live (FREE/$5.99)

NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts (FREE)

▶ AccuWeather (FREE/$3.99)

▶ Weather Timeline ($1.49)

▶ Today Weather (FREE)

▶ Weather Wiz (FREE)

▶ Dark Sky (FREE)
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  1. The widget that came with my samsung J7 is garbage. It messed up my day several times.

  2. NOAA is missing a big opportunity. They need an app. They could do deals with Honda, GM, etc. to be installed in new automobiles. To use with GPS. It would rule.

  3. What weather widget is he using?

  4. I use the weather channel!! 🙂

  5. Which smartwatch is he wearing?

  6. Thank you for the suggestions I currently am not using any weather app I am searching and afraid of viruses.
    Thank you

  7. Do you know where I can find a weather app that's similar looking to the iOS weather app?

  8. Do you have weather widget with animated clouds, rainy, wind, snow???

  9. The weather channel is the best weather app

  10. Give me your mobile launcher bro

  11. which app has the OnePlus widget? thanks..

  12. AccuWeather shows false information. I did compare it with some other apps and only AccuWeather shows other Information than other.

  13. Nice video. But if you want to find Indian weather app then I suggest One more that is Prkruti( This App helps to identify the pureness of the air. It's smart algorithm notify when to wear mask, when to perform outdoor activity. App helps to identify the pureness of the air. For more details you can check Prkruti app.

  14. Accuweather is innacurate af

  15. Wonderful choices! Thank you very much!

  16. So far today weather is working pretty good

  17. NOAA stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States lol

  18. The weather app I use is Weather Underground, it is by far the most accurate one I have ever used

  19. Lol I have the Xperia weather app which I seemed to be 100% accurate

  20. I love weather forecast apps they look prety but are buggy as hell so if anyone knows fix or android version on witche they work good pls help

  21. PLEASE READ AND STAY AWARE THIS TORNADO SEASON , to stay informed and aware of bad or severe storms you CAN NOT only rely on the TV and you will be left in the dark if you are trying to get information on the news if you are watching SATELLITE TV!
    here are some sites and software to keep you aware and gives you a chance to get ready ( 30 minutes give or take ) if you have life saving devices like: LAPTOP & SMARTPHONE & EMERGENCY RADIO * as apposed to the TV weather channel only giving you a 5 to 10 minute lead time before its to late due to power failures and the " no signal " of danger!
    here are some sites you can look at and some site with downloadable software with live pole updates " radar by: Gibson Ridge GRL3 1-2 minute scans multi layer scanning ":

    now for the LIFE SAVING sites and software : PC ( laptops are a must to fight against power failurs )

    THESE FILES HERE WILL AUTO DOWNLOAD TO YOUR LAPTOP OR PC ( GRL3 and GRL2 ) : need windows 8.1 or higher to run these files and you can have it download to mobile and add to your laptop or PC later! /////

    Now for the LIFE SAVING software ( apps ) : Mobile devies………
    for life wind direction use this app here –>……

    stay safe stay aware only YOU can save you and your family when the lights go out and the storm moves closer!!! im doing what NO ONE ELSE WILL DO , giving you the information that will help and save you with a link to all used sites !! do not pass this by for this is your life and your families life you are ignoring to keep safe !!! spread the word for me please, DO NOT IGNORE THIS MESSAGE ( i am a Moore OKC EF-5 May 20, 2013 Tornado survivor , trust me when i say the tv , especially satellite TV is not the only thing to save you if you even get the warning from the TV source in time !! Emergency Alert Messages always come 2-5 minutes before impact or not at all in some cases. having a laptop and a cell phone with these sites and software at my hands after the power going out was the only thing that saved my life when i needed every bit of information, this is serious and life threatening stuff if you ignore this message ) app like what was shown in this video is BS! and will leave you in the dark and only give you a single piece of a larger and deadly puzzle DO NOT USE TRASH APPS LIKE IN THIS VIDEO WHEN IT COMES TO SERIOUS WEATHER SITUATION!!!

  22. What weather widget are you using? It matches my lock screen on my LG V30

  23. Windy and my radar are the best weather apps out there

  24. why do u not have WeatherZone

  25. The icon pack is Splendid – Icon Pack

  26. Accu Weather over does the thunderstorm predictions more than there actually are..

  27. I like WeatherBug & MyRadar
    WeatherBug has Lightning tracker which I love! (FREE)

    MyRadar has tons of features some cost money. ($2.99 – $24.99)
    I purchased it for the hurricane tracking ! (Additional cost) totality worth it!

  28. where is your Mate 10 Pro review ? huh? 😀

  29. It looks like how to men is speaking . 🤣✌️👍

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