The Best Place To Mount Your Smartphone In Your Car? Car Mount Review 2017

The Best Place To Mount Your Smartphone In Your Car? Car Mount Review 2017


Get the best car mount for the right location. 5 places to your mount your smartphone and the best mounts for each location!

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What are the best car mounts are based on where you want to put it. Out of all the car mounts that I’ve used, my personally favourites are the magnetic mounts because of how easy they are to use.

I’ve spent a couple of months of using different car mounts, in different cars and I’ve broken down the areas into following.

1. Driver side window
2. Rear view mirror/ center dash
3. Vents
4. Console
5. Cup Holder

I won’t really focus on a specific brand most of these car mounts because nobody really does anything special (vent mounts are a dime a dozen).

5 – Cup Holders

I didn’t think you could mount your device in a cup holder but I found this GearBeast mount on Amazon. The idea intrigue me so I bought one and immediately regretted it. Out of all the cars I’ve sat in, I could not find a comfortable place to mount my device. On my car, the car mounts get in the way of the gear shifter which is pretty important in the operation of my manual transmission vehicle.

All things considered…WHY?

4 – Console

From my experience, most of the products that suggest mounting it on your console are products that come with integrated magnets. Products like the Nodus Leather case, Nite Ize and Magbaks would fall into this category. My biggest issue with mounting it on your console is that you’re going to cover something up.

The other problem is that mounting it on the console seems to take away from the general design of the console.

Also, removing semi permanent mounts is a pain in the butt.

The only benefit of having it on your console that I can think of is that there is almost no chance that your device is going to overheat on a warm day which may happen with mounting it on the windshield. I’d personally go with a Nite Ize Steelie mount for my console.

3 – Rear view mirror/Central Dash

I see a lot of devices being mounted in this general area and for good reason. It’s out of the way of the console, doesn’t require much effort to check and the screen can be viewed generally by anybody in the vehicle. If you are planning on getting a mount for this location, I would suggest getting one with a longer or extendable arm.

I’m not a big fan of the rear view mirror/central dash setup because it’s a little distracting. I don’t like how there is something in the middle of the windshield that adds to my sight line as I try to avoid pedestrian who don’t look both ways before crossing. It gets worse with the bigger devices.

2 – Vent/CD Mounts

Vent/CD Mounts are the best for people who don’t need to have their devices mounted in their cars all the time. Like the rear view mirror/central dash, I’d go with a magnetic vent mount. And get the one where the mount has a joint to allow you to turn your device towards you. The iFace magnetic mount is one that I’ve been using.

My only issue with these mounts is that you’re blocking an actual vent. This might not be an issue in a place where the weather is mild but I live in a place where snow and cold weather exists for 4-5 months out of a year so heat is very important to me. Losing a vent is a big deal. Also, with vent mounts, you’ll increase the chance that your iPhone is going to overheat.

1 – Driver side windshield

This is my preferred location for my device. It’s out of the way and I can still keep track of directions or monitor potential phone calls.

The only reasons why I wouldn’t keep it here is if the setup would block a vent or if your device is way too big to fit in landscape mode. An iPhone 7 Plus in an iFace mount in Landscape mode is comically too large.

It is a tight spot so using a larger mount like the RAM mount might not work as well.

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  1. i stopped mounting my phone on the windshield and dash because one day i was driving in a parking lot and someone was walking and i almost hit them because my phone was in the way of me seeing them. so now i mount my phone along the frame of the car on the driver side. its easy to look at when i use GPS and its out of my viewing range.

  2. Mike Birbiglia stick the landing close

  3. I seriously started 😂 when I seen all of your car mounts. Because that is going to be me shortly. Good video also 🤙

  4. What is the best magnetic car mount for a Jeep Wrangler.Can you put the magnet on your phone cover intstead of directly into your iPhone. Thank you

  5. Why would you this review while driving? This is just plain stupid.


  7. I have a mount that goes into the CD slot which for me with terrible vent placement in my car and a curvy dash is the best option. It doesn't cover anything except the screen, but my phone displays more info than the screen anyways.

  8. I like the idea of the phone on the left side … but then … there's the issue with charging … and you will at some point.

  9. Please do wireless charger car mount

  10. Accident waiting to happen

  11. Likes to try avoiding hitting pedestrians! Love the way he put that.

  12. Why couldn't he just pull over instead of taking a chance on his self-centeredness watching and listening to himself to hurt someone

  13. The best place to mount your phone is in your pocket whilst driving

  14. Looking into phone mount for UBEREATS/ship the dishes driving where you need to remove it for each pickup and delivery. Can be used for navigation also. What is you suggestion for this?

  15. I find center window mount the best. And with these pop up holders on the back I find this to be the best one for space it allows for the added width "iHome Universal Car Mount
    SKU 810244893" $5 at Big Lots, but it looks like it may have been discontinued from the stores I just ordered 3 online $6. They last for a little over a year or longer if you don't use it much. I use mine everyday …

  16. Here is the another way to keep ur smart phone on car. Have a good day.

  17. 6:23 That's exactly my problem. I'm a afraid a black will see it in my car and want to break in and steal it.

  18. What about the CD mount for iphones in cars?

  19. The iottie mount can be mounted on the dash and possitioned right where the vents are if you reverse the mount and extend the arm.

  20. I don't know how up to date this list is but certain US states don't allow windshield mounting.

  21. U should look into ProClips. Best mount on the market.

  22. I, personally, hate any windshield mounting. I have a low profile windshield and I find driver side corner mounting can be super sketchy by obstructing visibility of important things such as curbs on left turns…

    Center windshield mounting, whether it being high or low is not the safest thing to do either as doing so causes the phone to, obnoxiously, hog up a potentially dangerous amount of visibility.

    Also, you have a giant crack that spans nearly the entire length of your windshield…

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