The Best iPhone Apps (2015)

The Best iPhone Apps (2015)


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My top five apps:
5. Duolingo
4. Wake
3. Flipboard
2. Tweetbot
1. Alien Blue


  1. Hi, thanks for the apps.

    I don't know if you were doing the German course as a test or you are actually studying the language. But, if you are studying the language here are some extra links to help you out:

    And from experience, after six months of doing German on Duolingo it helps a lot to have a book to read in German. I recommend this book:

    Good luck and if you needed any help with grammar or anything else feel free to send me a message.

  2. Great video very nice quality I can see u making it big soon what do u edit with but if you could check out my channel and maybe even Sub

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