The best app for editing video on your iPhone: Lumafusion!

The best app for editing video on your iPhone: Lumafusion!


I finally have found THE BEST APP for editing video on the iPhone and iPad! This is the only video editing app you will ever need!

LUMAFUSION is the best video editing app. It’s a perfect beginner as well as advanced iphone editing app. Watch to see all the cool things this iphone video editing app can do.

Apps used:
Filmic Pro, Lumafusion

The Storyographist:

My Learn to film and edit with your iPhone video course:

Gear I use:
iPhone X:
Moment Wide Lens:
Moment Telephoto Lens:
DXO One:
Shure MV88 lightning mic:
Rode SmartLav+ for smartphones:
Rode video mic pro:
Mounts and tripods:
DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal:
Ulanzi iPhone Tripod Mount with cold shoe:
Joby Gorrillapod:
Manfrotto tripod:

Audioblocks =



  1. Hello! What are the main benefits of using Lumafusion over iMovie, and if you had to choose one editing app to purchase, would you go with Lumafusion or Filmic pro? What are the differences?

  2. Hi just found your video. Been working on a full length movie using iMovie. A few questions I have are: how is luma fusion it with text? Does it have a good variety of fonts so I don’t have to use another app? And how is it with doing credits? With iMovie you have to split the video to add another actors name. Need to add the names without doing that!!!

  3. Does it support chromakey? Can I download it to my iphone and iPad for one account ?

  4. I'm having a problem where I cant share my videos anywhere

  5. I use VlogNow app because this is FREE! Lumafusion is too expensive! VlogNow is very simple and easy to use. It has sound-line and text-line too. It can satisfy my video editing anytime and anywhere.

  6. Looks like FCPX… which I love!!!

  7. Love LF. So much is changing in iOS with media content creation… I have a Facebook group on it with the developers as members if you are interested….

  8. Yes I subscribed 😁 I bought lumafusion for my birthday yesterday it’s intimidating but I love it so far..I do everything on my iPhone 7plus I don’t have a laptop or computer so all I use is the phone. I work with leather crafting projects or reviewing them hope you can check out my channel

  9. Trying to use this. Editing, cutting sections from that clip and making 3 smaller ones is hard but I think I know how to do it.

  10. Im sure this is an advert. Cuz all the Apps she always presents are apps which you must buy. Can you please tell us of free Apps?

  11. Hey man I just got an iPhone X they say it’s slower then the iPhone 7 Plus for rendering, but I still want to use this program…

  12. what happens if you don't have ipad or MacBook…..just an iPhone X do you still recommended this to just app iPhone X users?

  13. Great video! I will be checking out Lumafusion for my new iPad. Thanks!

  14. Thanks for the great video. Greetings from Germany 😉

  15. This is definitely a great video editor for the iPhone and iPad. However, it's no where near as good as Adobe Premiere.

    Adobe is definitely for the more serious/pro level video editor while luma is geared towards consumer level editing. However, Luma Fusion is pretty loaded with some nice features that many other video editing apps lack.

    And to be honest $20 is super cheap for what you get and compared to a monthly subscription to get Adobe Premiere it's no comparison Luma is WAY cheaper.

    I'd say this is a perfect app for amateur video editors while Adobe Premiere is geared towards high end level editing for more of your prosumer to professional level editor.

  16. Do you know if Luma Touch is coming out with a Mac software? Actually, I'm looking for a basic video editing (as I'm just starting) that does picture in picture. Ideas?
    My iPhone X arrived yesterday! OMG loving it!

  17. Nice video, but here are two small corrections to your video.  LumaTouch is the name of the company that makes LumaFusion.   LumaTouch was created by ex employees of Pinnacle Studio back when Avid gave up their development of a video editor on the iPad.  Pinnacle Studio acquired the editor and asked several of their employees if they would be interested in heading up the development of the iPad Pinnacle Studio and they created LumaTouch.  Recently, Pinnacle's contract/desire to continue the development ended and the LumaTouch folks built from the ground up LumaFusion leveraging their many years of video editor development.  They built the product in stages first was LumaClip then LumaFx, and then LumaFusion.  LumaFusion has all the capabilities of the other two apps and much more.  Second, you mentioned at the end of the video the lack of color grading.  That could be true depending on the version of LumaFusion you are reviewing but at his time with the release of v1.4 the app supports audio units and LUTs.  Here is an interesting video you might like to watch which uses another iDevice professional level app called Affinity Photo.  The gentleman in the video shows how to create your own LUT using Affinity Photo and using that LUT in LumaFusion all on his iPad.  Enjoy: 
    Create LUT for Lumafusion in AffinityPhoto on iPad

  18. Are there any apps that allow you to draw on videos?

  19. This app is great. I am able to edit my 4k videos from the phone. Faster than Premiere CC.

  20. I already have it and its AWESOME

  21. Thank you so much for the recommendation. This app is so powerful on the iPhone X.

  22. Do you know how to get no copy right music into your iPod Touch?
    So I have more music choices
    I use iMovie on my iPod Touch but thinking about this app thank you for your review

  23. I also use Luma Fusion well. Your review was a great help.

  24. Nice content. Just subbed!

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