The Absolute Best Music App for Windows 10 – MusicBee.

The Absolute Best Music App for Windows 10 – MusicBee.


If you are looking to manage your music files on your system, forget Windows Media Player. Forget Groove. Yes, forget ITunes.

MusicBee has been a Desktop App for quite awhile now. It has the largest set of cataloguing, playback, CD ripping, equalizer and many, many more options.

But now it’s also available as a Windows Store app. Using Microsoft’s Bridge technology (brings older apps to UWP), the result is nothing more than extraordinary.

Or get from Music Bee:

Tons of features:

Integrated with Itunes store

Supports MP3, M4A, FLAC, Musepack, WavPak, Ogg, Opus, Tak

Fine-tune the sound with the 10-band or 15-band Equalizer and DSP effects

Utilize high-end audio cards with WASAPI and ASIO support

Listen to music without interruption with gapless playback

Upmix stereo to 5.1 surround sound, or resample track to lower bitrate

Use logarithmic volume scaling or normalize volume streaming

Even better, MusicBee supports some WinAmp plugins to enhance your music

Sync your music collection with devices you use. MusicBee supports playlist and podcast syncing, even supports audio books with 2 way syncing.
Convert formats on the fly if your device does not support certain formats.

You can also sync your Android and Windows Phone (8.1+) devices.


  1. is there any option that makes the album art of the currently playing song as desktop wallpaper like groove player does?

  2. Great video! I was having issues with Groove ignoring song info and just putting all my new music into "unknown artist". Finally got fed up with it and thanks to this video switched to MusicBee, it's amazing how customization it is.

  3. Dear Sir: I am hoping you or someone who follows your channel can help me. I have a PC with Windows 7. A couple of years ago, I stupidly let iTunes update to the point I lost my playlists for 4,000 songs that had been ripped from my CD collection. I had set up only 4 playlists. They were based on how I had my CDs organized. “Black”, “White”, “Gospel” and “Christmas”. When I realized Apple had blown my 25 plus years of music into some pointless “genres” I went nuts. Luckily, my even older PC (XP) hadn’t been tossed out yet, I fired it up and saw the older functional version of iTunes (12.0…) was still there WITH MY PLAYLISTS. I don’t play music on my iPhone 8 or my iPad. I only keep my music on an iPad mini with no internet connectivity. I want to completely get away from iTunes with my music. I want to retain my playlists, obviously.

  4. hello i need help with the new songs i download… i was using ''windows media player'' and had almost 4000 songs into ''My Music'' before i downloaded musicbee… i installed it and it scanned my music so i got all the old songs i had into the file.. the problem is that now if i download any song and move it from ''Downloads'' to ''My Music'' i cant find it into MusicBee

  5. Can I make folders and sub-folders for my different genres of music like I can in iTunes?? For example, can I make a folder called 'Soundtracks, then make sub-folders within called Sci-fi and let's say another one called 'Action' e.t.c.?? In other words, the folders will open like a drop-down tree for proper organisation of genres of music. This is where iTunes really shines.

  6. Hi! thanks for vid 🙂 do you know how to set MB to focus main screen (albums and tracks) on currently played song? Something similar was default in early versions of itunes.

  7. musicbee does not run audios downloaded from to solve this ???

  8. im having a problem where a track is split from the album it goes under and I don't know how to get that track in the album with the other ones

  9. Pretty cool showcase. I just downloaded today.

  10. subscribed, just for the fact that you're a rippingtons & acoustic alchemy fan.. 🙂

  11. Great stuff, lots of things in MusicBee I didn't know about

  12. Does it have the ability to show me an album art wall?

  13. Thanks. I'll have a look at this. Groove doesn't have a CD ripping function, which makes it a non-starter for me. There are rumors that Windows Media Player will be removed from the next major update to Windows 10, so I'm looking around for something else to use.

  14. I'm not an audiophile so can someone help me. When I transfer amazon purchases to musicbee the songs get a raspy quality to it…'s not clear. Sorry, I can't describe it any further. When I rip the same songs from the album the sound is fine. I tried everything but can't figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  15. Awesome recommendation, I liked this app, I read the lyrics while music is playing, artworks and other nice features 🙂
    thats awesome!

  16. Nice video, will have a look at this!

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