Tech-cessories : Green Throttle Atlas Bluetooth Android Controller- Cerebro Reviews

Tech-cessories : Green Throttle Atlas Bluetooth Android Controller- Cerebro Reviews




  1. Can you show the list of games from the back of the paper plz

  2. Anyone no what the usb port is for under the sticker were batterys go ?

  3. Hey I have a problem, I had the control connected to my phone, but after a while this is mismatched and no longer wants to connect, can someone help me?

  4. Could you help my control only the lights are on and not working does not control my phone

  5. I just bought this controller and pair it to my galaxy note 4 without any problems. It runs very well with Minecraft PE. However, I was wondering if you knew anything about connecting this Green Throttle controller on the PC/Laptop with Bluetooth. I tried connecting it on my laptop and it says it is paired but the LED lights on the controller is still blinking and not functioning.

  6. When I was disarming the green throttle controller I found a micro usb port and I plugin to my charger and work on and now I don't need battery

  7. i just got Green Throttle Atlas Controller on ebay but i guess i got a old one with out a firmware update so mine will only work with Green Throttle arena app i found the old apk online but there is no games with it i did find only one game when did google play search that worked when i connected the controller in arena app then opened game but only one mine also did not come with the game list you have do you know any place i can get that game list

  8. What do you mean by "button-mapping"?

  9. Does it works with windows phone?

  10. as I get drivers for my windows this control computer 7

  11. @Ice, sorry for the late reply – settings for the device will be on the tablet/phone/box it's paired with. If you want to change button assignments and such. Otherwise, there aren't many settings that I've found.

  12. How do you pair with a phone or NVIDIA shield…..I can't find the apk or pair it?

  13. I got, it in the mail today but how do you adjust its settings

  14. Olk I will I ordered it and I will tell you in a few days

  15. @Ice… I don't know that answer, honestly. I did some research but I haven't found anything specific on that. If you do find out, I'd certainly appreciate it if you let us know! -Cerebro

  16. Does it work with mcpe

  17. Where did you bought that controller

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