Surface Laptop 2 review one month later: A subtle but surprisingly solid update

Surface Laptop 2 review one month later: A subtle but surprisingly solid update


With 8th Gen Intel Core i5 and i7 CPUs, high-res touch display with pen support, and a premium build, the Surface Laptop 2 is a great choice for anyone who needs a clamshell notebook. See at Microsoft:

Surface Laptop 2 Review:

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  1. Please please review the new Asus zenbook

  2. Why must they have fabric on the keyboard area? Always gets filled with jizz let's be honest

  3. Great review, pleasant to watch. No cringy acting involved like most of the other reviews haha

  4. Would the i5 256 go ssd version be enough for music production?

  5. Is the ssd replicable on this laptop?

  6. Wait, so will this version's i5 have more battery life than i7?

  7. i know this is a stupid question, but my mac desktop from 2011 doesn’t have a good enough graphics card for world of warcraft, is this one good enough for it? my old computer has an intel i5 i believe but i don’t know for sure

  8. Do you think I can play sims 4 on this laptop?

  9. Most people still don't need USB-C.

  10. No usb-c? Built in obsolescence. Without a large drive, I need to use an external drive. USB-3? No thanks.

  11. If you could enunciate your words, that'd be amazing. Thanks.

  12. How does this compare to the Matebook X Pro.

  13. Hey you guys. I really love your reviews and I really love all of the Surface lineup, but before I buy this laptop, I am really wondering, how has the Alcantara keyboard held up with you guys?

  14. Nobodies complaining about an hdmi. Mini display port still? Really?

  15. In the video you mentioned 100% Adobe sRGB?

    I think you mean 100% sRGB because AdobeRGB and sRGB are different color spaces. So now raises the question for the creatively / content creation people, how much % is de AdobeRGB color space on the Surface Laptop 2?

  16. This video was just a video which made me want to get the Asus zenbook instead

  17. watching on my surface laptop 2

  18. This product is great for students and people who want a portable light thin laptop. The lack of USB-C is alright at least there’s a USB-a. I would use this laptop for just normal uses such as watching Netflix, typing essay and all the simple stuff.

  19. How about long term use? How long would it last for tho

  20. NO USB-C..????????????????????? USB-C!?!?!?

  21. Do you think we’ll see Thunderbolt 3 on a Surface product ever?
    I would like to run a eGPU setup, but not with just any laptop. I’ve always liked the Surface product, but for the money, I would like to be able to game on it when I play at home.

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