Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Review – The New Best Smart Fitness Band!

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Review – The New Best Smart Fitness Band!


Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Review – The New Best Smart Fitness Band!
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  1. I really wanted to love this device. I bought it in June, it stopped working in November, and I quickly discovered that Samsung's tech support is a joke. I also should have read more online reviews. It looks like many people had the "It worked great for four months then quit" problem. Therefore, I can't recommend it. Steer clear of the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro. Unless, you want to pay almost $200 for a device that will last four months, then it's great.

  2. I am thinking of buying gear fit2 pro but I have some questions:

    1.How can I download music?
    2.How can I download apps?
    3.Will I get the notifications even when I forget my phone home?
    4.Does it have alarm app and calculator app?
    5.Can I answer the calls and the messages?

    If you know the answer in any of these plese reply

  3. I have and use the gear fit 2 pro

  4. No warranty for water check reviews

  5. Whats the battery and back up??

  6. It has sedentary reminder? thx.

  7. Just got mine today. And I LOVE it!

  8. The part at the bottom where the sensor is, comes off and there is not replacement for it, i bought it and in 10 months that little plastic came off.

  9. It is quite big and heavy to wear all day! The battery doesn't last enough! The screen and the music player is advantages!

  10. Hi Linus, I am thinking of getting the watch for Christmas but am a bit worried that the battery on the watch may be weak. Thing is I am not planning to use it for sport/music/notifcations etc. only as a normal watch to tell the time. I just love the look of the watch. Under these conditions, do you know long the battery would last me? Thanks!

  11. cant wait formine. but i must..

  12. Does it works with iPhone X??

  13. Good form on the pushups no homo

  14. I was looking at purchasing this watch. Luckily you mentioned that it doesn't have a mic which is one of the top features I wanted. So you saved me from purchasing this. Hopefully the next version will have a mic. Thanks again. Great and informative video.

  15. battery is a problem

  16. Do you have to carry your phone with you to listen to Spotify or do you listen directly from the watch?

  17. I will never buy samsung items again . I take this watch for 120 € and in 1 months when i drive say that i have dynamic workout and after 1 month never open again . They say its waterproof but its dead now and they say to me that its my mistake and i need to pay 100 € to fix this . fooking samsung.

  18. This looks awesome. I'm so overwhelmed by all the fitness trackers. But when I saw these features and the screen. It was luv at first sight!

  19. my wrists are 17 cm thick, should I go for the L or S version?

  20. I think you have never done exercise b4

  21. hi can samsung gear fit 2 show whatsapp notification?

  22. Worth buying now at around 100$ ?

  23. Had to take mine back for service twice, operating system problems. I have also found that there is no 3rd party data transfer. The worst part is the stop watch ends at 60 minutes ,useless for long runs. If i had my time again, most likely wouldn't buy it

  24. Where is the GPS route app thats supposed to be on Gear Fit2 Pro?

  25. Can we navigate using maps on this?

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