[RANT] App Notifications are TERRIBLE

[RANT] App Notifications are TERRIBLE


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Aren’t you tired of useless app notifications? So are we…

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  1. Linus talking about bad hai. The irony…

  2. Notifications right after factory reset:
    Reddit cannot work if you don't update Google Play Services.
    YouTube cannot work if you don't update Google Play Services.
    Facebook cannot work if you don't update Google Play Services.
    Twitter cannot work if you don't update Google Play Services.
    Discord cannot work if you don't update Google Play Services.
    Amazon Kindle cannot work if you don't update Google Play Services.
    Play Store cannot work if you don't update Google Play Services.
    Maps cannot work if you don't update Google Play Services.
    Google Play Services cannot work if you don't update Google Play Services.

  3. Um. Checked iOS 12 notification controls? (RIGHT on the lock screen!) And no it's not perfect but it's better than "digging through menus", and has been around for months now.

  4. I work for mobile game companies. Two reasons… lazy designers/management (FYI developers just implement, they don't get to choose if the notifications go in… you should know this Linus) who instruct to put them in with overly aggressively simple/short times and are often to lazy to allocate time/money to setup settings to be able to turn them off or really. Also, analytics teams take stats on when you open those and use that data to know how often spamming you gets people to open them. So… don't press them and if you really don't like it, complain in the review sections of the app stores. App ratings can hurt smaller apps a lot in getting new players so bad reviews can get their attention… assuming they don't have an in app system to notify them of issues (They often don't exist tho). If they do have that use it, and you (usually) can get help. Tho please remember to update your bad review if they do fix it…

  5. In iOS 12 you can disable notifications right from the notification. It would be nice to filter the notifications from the app through.

  6. Everyone try Daywise app from android

  7. LOVE the idea of future rants!

  8. Can't get my emails to sync in the background for two whole days, but get the same notifications from Instagram twice successively only minutes after dismissing them, telling me who I should follow when I clearly don't care. And yes, Androids new category system leaves a lot to be desired. It's not clear in the slightest which category will mute the troublesome notifications.

  9. 4:20 What happens when I tell the app to block notifications from itself? Will it notify me that the notification was blocked? or keep blocking the notification?

  10. – "OMG"

    – "WAKE UP"

    – "IT'S AN EMERGENCY!…..
    we noticed you haven't used our app in a while. How long are you going to sleep?"

  11. Well I'm pretty sure it works about the same way on Android (cause otherwise it will suck, which I'm convinced it don't), but on iOS when you download a new app, an iOS notification will pop up saying "Do you want this app to show notifications", and then you can press "Don't allow". Problem solved.

  12. This is already on Apple.

  13. i want that linus tech tips notification block app 😀

  14. 1:29 Linus cheats on wife confirmed.

  15. best Third party app for android to block only what you want NetGuard, but if you want it not to track you don't get it from google. F-droid, (don't Google it) use a not as intrusive (Duckduckgo or tor browser) is a sideloaded free open community of app devs and entusiests in the android realm.

  16. Want to hear something ironic? I got a notification asking me to get YouTube premium while I was watching this.

  17. LMG: "We don't wanna run Channel Super Fun"
    also LMG: *uses Channel Super Fun footage all the time*

  18. Developers usually have very little to do with that, it's more in the domain of marketing or CRM departments.

    These techquickes are starting to feel rather unresearched..

  19. The moment an app starts giving me "stop ignoring us [sad face]" notifications, I uninstall the app. If an app wants to do notifications like that, it's not an app that's worth my time.

  20. Linus has a point since 6am this morning when I went to bed till now 7:05pm I have 14 notifications from a game called massive warefare aftermath (lots of fun but expensive vip). Also another 8 notifications from YouTube and 3 from Google. Any other app tries to give me that many notifications I would delete it just addicted to the game like they want…. damit

  21. 5:44 what is up with that face lmao

  22. 1) it's not actually a developer decision when a notification is shown for the most part. It's a business decision made way above a developer.

    2) There's no digging through menus on Android. Just give the notification a half swipe and hit the gear icon.

  23. Don’t apps have to ask to send you notifications on iPhone?

  24. when you install a new app on iOS it literally asks you if you want to allow it to send you notifications the first time you open it. This can be changed at any time in settings. I don't understand the issue.

  25. i find facebook notifications the worse you clear them off check them etc and they come right back for exact same one as soon as you close the app

  26. YouTube put an overlay on this video. "How satisfied are you with this notification?". I'm subscribed to Linus Tech Tips but not this channel apparently, but it gave me a notification I didn't ask for and wants me to evaluate how well it did ignoring my preferences.

  27. Just turn off notifications app by app?

  28. Ugh seriously.. also apps taking up so much damn space with all this "data" that you can't delete without deleting EVERYTHING and having to log in again…. Just for it to download all that crap again

  29. Funny, I click the bell on everything now and I still dont always get notified…

  30. Where can i get the notification blocked notification app? Really want it

  31. I always waonder who dislikes linus videos ?
    just how can someone think of disliking an informatif video….?

  32. you know which OS did good on this topic? windows phone. i miss it.

  33. Apple has one nice thing though, apps are required to ask permission for notifications when you install and open them the first time. On android though it doesn’t need that permission. So I think thats a good way out also, just don’t allow notifications from the get go.

  34. notifications has made me turn off sound and turned off vibration. The only things that will notify me with sound is my wake up alarm.

  35. I have shut almost all my notifications off. It's ridiculous how many I would be getting if I didn't.
    What really blows me away is how many people can't ignore their phones though. They keep looking at it for every little thing that poops up! Even on a date! That's ridiculous but alas the modern world. (:

  36. Linus… you are CLEARLY not a developer and never have been… I PROMISE you it's not the developers who spam push notifications… it's the fucking idiot project managers who think they know better than the developer and FORCE the developer to create a monster.

  37. Linus one of those swinger couples on Tinder? confirmed.

  38. yeaah, smartphones are garbage. duuuuuh

  39. Who else received a notification about this video?

  40. I kinda like the youtube algorithm, i have more than 400 subscriptions i can't be informed by all these updates. Youtube shows me the stuff im interested at the moment. This includes gun channels, even though youtube don't like guns they still show me these channels in the yb home page. What i really think is the solution is to bring more detailed settings, with more options about everything. For example, if i see a video suggested to me that i don't like, i can choose not to receive suggestions about a certain channel. Another example: i don't have the options to disable notifications in a youtube comment, i have either the option to keep these notification or disable the notifications completely . So i think they should do more stuff for advanced users that want to have control about their enviroment on the internet.

  41. Hey! I created a YouTube group chat so that we can share videos more easily. 🙂 Join here: https://youtu.be/join/ct-tnrJlRH7N38

  42. there is a simple solution when you get your new phone and downloading app disable the notifications and Auto turn on immediately 99% of my apps can't AutoStart themselves and send me notifications period

  43. YESSSSSS!!!! PREACCCHHHH!!!!!! applause

  44. That Tinder joke made me laugh louder than any other Linus joke ever. Well played L man.

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