Quad Lock Review – Best Motorcycle Phone Mount

Quad Lock Review – Best Motorcycle Phone Mount


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If I didn’t say it enough on this video, I must say it again. When it comes to the CLUTCH1st channel, this is one of my favorite items on my arsenal of gadgets. I love this mount and I will continue to recommend the Quad Lock Mount to anyone interested. This clearly is the best motorcycle phone mount in my opinion. It’s modular, clean looking and most of all – reliant. I’ve had the chance to fully test out the Quad Lock mount for a full season of riding. Whether I was just cruising or on the pothole infested streets of New York City, to speeding past the triple digit mark, this mount is 100% secure. Also, Quad Lock’s customer service is top notch. Please check out their link and if you do purchase their product, tell them CLUTCH1st sent you! As always, thank you for watching!

Shop for your Quad Lock Case —➤ https://www.quadlockcase.com

Quad Lock® is the only mounting system that allows you to fully integrate your Smartphone into an active lifestyle. By allowing you to securely attach your Smartphone to your bike while cycling, to your arm when running, and in your car while driving. Quad Lock® makes it much easier and safer to interact with the many sports, fitness and navigation Apps available in the App Store/Google Play.

The innovative Twist, Lock and Go™ system allows you to mount your Smartphone in an instant and our patented Dual Stage Lock gives you the confidence that your device is always securely attached without the need for cumbersome lanyards, or straps. The unique approach of integrating the mounting interface into a slim and protective everyday case allows Quad Lock® mounts to be slimmer than other mount on the market. Quad Lock® is the Lightest, Strongest and most Secure Smartphone mount on the market. Once you try it you will wonder how you ever got by without it!

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  1. Watch the vid all the way through for your chance to WIN a $150 value QuadLock bundle!
    Shop for your Quad Lock Mounting System here 👉🏽 https://www.quadlockcase.com
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee and Free Shipping

  2. I'd definitely start to make videos if I win this; pretty cool! #clutch1streview

  3. Quad lock are great… so I thought until I bought a s1000rr. No handlebar mount from quad lock fits 😫 until they release a ram mount version I’m stuck with a horrible grip thing.

  4. Clutch; enjoying ur videos! noticed u've got a rizoma black bar, & looks like rizoma grips? thinking about getting the bar with some risers on my Monster 1200. which cool grips r those, & any functional issues like ride by wire throttle operation?

  5. Where did you get your mirrors??

  6. Good presentation of the product. I think I'll get one. But man, makes me nervous to see you talking with your hands while driving in traffic! Shiny side up, bro.

  7. My friend I finally got around to it and it arrived today! I am very happy with this. I did have the x grip but I lost one of the rubber boots on it. The only thing I might do is put a little locktite on the screws just to prevent them from backing out. They may not but why chance it? Now to order more accessories. I will see you June 24.

  8. Just got one of these cases. Need to get my bike out of winter storage. Hopefully the mount fits because my XDiavel has some thick ass bars

  9. Do you know if this affects your wireless charging!?

  10. Great review, great presentation and information.

  11. Great review 👍🏻📱🏍

  12. Not wide enough to fit big cruiser handle bars tho

  13. Same locking style as a metal beer barrel system.

  14. Hi again @CLUTCH1st!I've been looking their web and there's a pack with the Bike Mount instead of the Out Front Mount that's good priced. Does the Bike Mount let you turn your phone too? Or does it always stay the same way? Because there's no pack including the Out Front Mount and purchasing it separately adds an extra 20 bucks 🙃Cheers!

  15. Woha! Hi there, I just got your same bike and was wondering which phone accessory should I get. And after watching some of your vids I discover this one… thanks! New follower here hoping to get the #clutch1streview bundle 😏

  16. Does the Quad Lock allow you to position the phone to use as a camera?

  17. Ty for the review, looks like a solid product #clutch1streview

  18. #clutch1streview. product looks nice. u have a lot more space on your handle bar then i do with my zx10r i wonder how i could mount that on my bike would definitely like to try that over the ram mount

  19. Killer review (as expected) haha. Interested locking mechanism, may have to give 'em a shot. Definitely a clean and minimalist look which I always admire. #clutch1streview

  20. #clutch1streview Quad lock seems robust enough, yet more streamlined than ram mount

  21. i think it looks real nice. #clutch1streview
    and great review 😀

  22. Such a good detailed review. I appreciate you really digging into this. #clutch1strevieew

  23. hey Clutch1st how are you? I was wondering if you will tune your ECU in the future? Is your bike a little rough at low RPM?

  24. Very nice accessory. Especially for us bikerz. I like the build quality.

  25. again, thanks for the insight and input from your perspective on this product. it seems to me to be one of the most secure mobile device mounts I've seen. This thing also looks smooth. And as usual, your content is very much appreciated!!🏍 #clutch1streview

  26. Great review! I also have the ram mount for my bike and have no room on my bars for anything so I won't enter to win but it looks like a quality product. And wanted you to know I was here watching 🙌🏼

  27. That sucks it doesn't work on clip ons. I have a raam mount that goes on top of my tank it works pretty well. I was used to the GPS in my truck but with the phone mount I can go anywhere so I love that aspect

  28. #clutch1streview….I like the looks of dis tang. Nice review. Good bloopers, but they keep up at night…to close to home. 😠

  29. #clutch1streview
    Nice review Sir. I used one for a few years while cycling ( with an iPhone5 ) and it was really convenient and solid, just as you state. I'd definitely recommend it and would seriously consider it now for the Speed Triple.

  30. I have the small one, not sure what it's called. Quality product for sure. Would love to have all of them!

    Off topic – are those Spy-R mirrors?

  31. but does it come in red? #clutch1streview now send it to yo Canadian bro

  32. Pretty cool product! Too bad it won't work on my bike 😔

  33. #clutch1st
    Hypermotard and 696 guy from queens here we talked on ig. Really hoping to win this and do a rideout with u. Cheers

  34. Good luck everyone! This product really did wonders for Mike! Lol no more getting lost! #mikesmonster 🤓

  35. Cool review; that seems like a good product! 🐢☠️

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