Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee Review

Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee Review


Powerful friends and new mechanics make for a delightful return to the Kanto region in Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee.

35 Minutes of New Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! Gameplay – Nintendo Treehouse Live:

Why the Recent Pokemon: Let’s Go Interview Upset Fans:

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  1. Hmm i grew up with kanto and hoenn regions…I’m not down to pony up $60 for a barebones kanto only Pokémon game. Maybe one day they will make a fully fledged Pokémon game with all regions – the switch should have absolutely no problems with such a massive game

  2. You find out almost immediately that the playable character is adopted

  3. It's basically a worse version of Fire Red/Leaf Green, which is upsetting because those were my favorite Pokemon games. It deserved to be way better than this.

  4. Not a Nintendo player but been dying to relive the nostalgia of pokemon… but looking at this game I feel like I'll be spending $380 on a switch and a video game. Just to play a better version of pokemon go…. Thoughts on this?

  5. Ok I guys if you are reading this should I get let’s go now ok I don’t really like Pokemon but I’ve tried these games on my friends switch and I enjoyed it I had fun playing multiplayer and in 1 player ok here’s the question should I get it

  6. Thumbs down! No explanation of what this even is. Half way through the video makes it sound like they're talking about two separate games. So WTF is it?

  7. What did you guys name your rivals? I named mine Shrek. Lol

  8. I wish you could evolve your Pikachu but I understand because it works for the story and cutscenes

  9. I know this game isn’t really big in the Pokémon community. I believe Nintendo hit the mark, they wanted to attract new players into the Pokémon universe and they did just that! As a beginner, I am in love with the world and Pokémon, and will go back and play all the rest! Any tips on where to start would be awesome! I’m new fan so please leave the hate comments out!

  10. People here need to post their asl before making a review!

  11. Awesome game to introduce my little one to Pokemon. But basic for me but still fun! Looking forward to seeing the new Pokemon game this year!

  12. Pokemon: Let's Down It's Fanbase

  13. Honestly, I like the idea of not having to beat pokemons into submissions to catch them in this game, but instead of it being a core gameplay, I think they should make it an option instead. Maybe something like undertale, in which how you act will affect the story as a whole. However I agree that you should definitely battle legendaries to catch them, they're supposed to be powerful yet very solitary pokemons and fighting the hell out of them to earn their respect is something that should never be taken out. But for the more social wild pokemons in the tall grass, caves, seas, etc. I wouldn't mind catching them the way let's go wanted me to.

    I never play this game tho, but I'm still interested in it. Wish I can get myself a nintendo switch one day so I can try out this game.


  15. Lets hope we will never again have to hunt pokemon that we don't see and then having to go through the most tedious, pointless and mindless battles of all time !

  16. I would say this is like a relaxing spin off than an full fledge Pokemon game

  17. In short. Its first gen but with new features.

  18. Actually cannot wait for the let's go pikachu remake!!!

  19. Tbh i am stuck with this game since i only have a nintendo switch as a nintendo console and so far this is the only Pokemon game for the switch.

  20. This game is for Genwunners and Pokemon go players.

  21. 4/10 it's another remake and it's a spinoff, no wild battles, no items.

  22. You dont need your partner pokemon than whats the point?

  23. imagine complaining about a kids game thats for kids because it's for kids

  24. hoenn and johto are better

  25. Literally nobody cares that y’all don’t like the game, just ignore it if this game bothers y’all THAT much jesus christ lmao.

  26. This game makes you FEEL like Pikachu!

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