OnePlus 5 Review: The iPhone for Android Fans | Pocketnow

OnePlus 5 Review: The iPhone for Android Fans | Pocketnow


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The OnePlus 5 review! OnePlus is on a mission to deliver a flagship phone for less cash. The specs on paper look good, especially for folks who want screaming fast performance. However, the “premium mid range” market is now brutally competitive. Can this phone still excite customers with a design “inspired” by a competing phone, and now this pricing is no longer novel? Let’s take a closer look at the OnePlus 5!

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OnePlus 5 Review: The iPhone for Android Fans | Pocketnow



  1. It can't be compared to an iPhone for one reason

    It's worth your money unlike the iPhone

  2. can't wait to receive my OnepPlus 5t in a few days.. I don't like the prospective notch on the 6)))

  3. What is that stylus I need it

  4. I've got one of these and can't believe how fantastic these phones are for the money – There's nothing I miss and I've had water resistant phones, phones w/ wireless charging, expandable storage etc in the past.

    I've never once dropped a phone in water, and I haven't used wireless charging on my past 3 phones that have all had the feature.

  5. How about comparing it to htc U11, or even better the OP 5T & htc U11 plus.😋

  6. Guys, get the Xiaomi Mi6.

  7. I am planning to have a new phone around 400-450$ in 2018 January.Should I go for One plus 3T or One plus 5.Please help.

  8. You do not need 1440p on a 5.5" screen.

  9. Upgraded to a LG G6 from a iPhone 6S Plus and I just can't go back due to the 1440p resolution

  10. I’ve been saying the One Plus is an iPhone with extra bells and whistles for a while now. Glad I’m not the only one who noticed. 😏

  11. The tempered glass used in this video seem to be so perfect for the OP5. Could you please drop a link to purchase the same?

  12. Man, that titel……bbbbrrrr.

  13. Lol Juan, porche IS wolswagen :-).

  14. Wow, you can even see the jelly scrolling in the video. Nice.

  15. omg iphone fans dont blame ppl plz 😀 lol this is 2 different phones lol

  16. Any flagship phone sell over $500 r crime against humanity

  17. Let's just clear a few things up….just because this looks like an iPhone 7 Plus, doesn't mean you are going to get the same experience. For example, I have seen multiple Apple fanboy comments moaning about the fact it isn't waterproof, has a headphone jack and doesn't come with earphones. This is an Android company, not Apple. Get used to it, you bunch of cringey Apple fanboys. Go have fun "customising" your iPhone's….😂😂

  18. Let me get this straight….people are saying this phone is ugly af and looks like an iPhone 7 Plus, but then also the same exact people are saying that the iPhone 7 Plus is better in everyway possible? You are basically contradicting yourself in saying that the iPhone 7 Plus is ugly, because you're saying the OnePlus 5 is ugly and a copy of the iPhone 7 Plus?😂😂 I am typing this comment from my own OnePlus 5 and I have got to say this is probably the best, fairly cheap, Android device you can get….period.

  19. by "iPhone", you mean not waiting too long for updates?

  20. Why doesn't it have expandable storage -___- that's one thing a lot of Android users don't like about Apple :/
    The Oneplus 5 is just a cheaper, wannabe version of Apple which is a little disappointing…

  21. Which game(IRON MAN) does he plays in the review…?

  22. We were staying in Paris

  23. I would like to see the Oneplus5 compared to the Huawei P10 Plus.

  24. I would never settle for cloned design. Design wise 3rd phone beats the shit out of this disappointing copy.

  25. I would really really like to know what stylus he's using

  26. juan's phone have jelly effect

  27. It's like counterfeit products comeing straight outta China. But it works as well as the real deal.

  28. Never a big fan of OnePlus or Oppo.. these companies just copy other company's phone, save on R&D and sell it to the public and making ridiculous profit and making people think these are original phones.. lol

  29. What a title game you play?

  30. Disappointed with this phone nothing new except for SOC and dual camera also they copied ugly apple design if I am given chance to choose between this and op3t I would choose later

  31. Why they don't copy "Water resistant" and "Stereo speakers" ?🤔

  32. As I once said , these cheapo phones (moto , one plus , huawei) are only good for one thing , price.

    "OnePlus Flagship killer'??? , dream on! , you don't even have a curved bezeless 2k screen to begin comparing to Galaxy S8 , don't have the availability and support compared to Apple. Don't have any identity due to its copied design generations..

  33. Is it worth getting the 8gb ram of this phone? Or 6gb is more than enough?? My daily use consists of youtube videos/podcasts, whatsapp, camera, facebook and email. No games at all.

  34. I dont know if you wanted to skeptical or it was a word I don't know about…

  35. great review as always Juan. you and Michael Fisher are top notch with your reviews

  36. oneplus no longer an enthusiastic phone very disappointing,🙄 you buy an lg g6 for $50 cheaper or sg8 for only about $100 more more.

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