NEW Top 10 Best Android Apps #3

NEW Top 10 Best Android Apps #3


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  1. Excellent presentation. Liked the selection. One request, could you print the names and links to get the apps. For example: Lazy Swipe; I went looking for Lazy Swipe and kept getting Omni Swipe. Are they the same app?

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  4. Guys,

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  5. to me.. my fav apps are-
    1.window manipulator
    2.xblast tools
    4.2 lines for wazzap
    5. ac display

  6. You should list the apps in the description..

  7. Could you share the wallpaper?

  8. May I ask what keyboard you were using in the video

  9. I have that Joker bobble head too! Lmao

  10. Wait a sec….you didn't list your apps?

  11. Love your style of videos! Your voice is so soothing if that makes any sense xD Anyway really nice video.

  12. can i get this wallpaper on apple

  13. good video, really enjoyed it. Thank you.

  14. where did you get your wallpaper??????

  15. Scan a bar code? I'm definitely getting up lol. Great vid!

  16. Would you recommend the M9, S6 or wait for the new iphone?

  17. 1.Dino hunter
    2.Dead trigger 2
    3.Hay day

  18. this video helps thanks alot do some more:)

  19. You should do more android apps

  20. Where did you get the wallpaper

  21. Still no lollipop?  nice video!

  22. Hi and thanks for the vid!    What keyboard do you use for your Android devices?

  23. Do the notifications pop up on lockscreen like it does for I phone?

  24. Where can I get the exact same wallpaper you have on your phone ?

  25. To be honest I'm a Iphone fan but just luv the voice!

  26. Nice wallpaper share it??

  27. Where did you get your wallpaper??? I like all your videos you make

  28. Best New Good looking apps on Android
    Long LIst
    -Weather Timeline
    -Nova Launcher beta Must Get
    -Simple Weather beta
    -Memory Cat
    -Survival Tools
    -Corgi for feedly
    -Droidddle for dribbble
    -Filmstrip for instagram
    -Fenix for twitter
    -Gramophone Coming Soon
    -Car Dashdroid
    -S Converter

  29. What keyboard are you using?

  30. Where did you get that wallpaper

  31. Great vid….what about iPad mini games….any good ones

  32. Hey will you be getting the HTC one m9?

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