NaviComputer for Windows Phone – Short Overview

NaviComputer for Windows Phone – Short Overview


Short overview about NaviComputer for Windows Phone. Online maps, offline maps, track logging, GPX tracks.


  1. Is it possible to simply download entire country maps? It seems like a lot of work to just carve out small chunks and save each chunk as a separate file. Why not just have an entire country (or region if it is a very large country) in a separate file and download those? Is there a Windows Phone app that can do that? I'm thinking of something exactly like for Android. Unfortunately, is only available for Android and IOS. There is no Windows phone version, and their website says that they have no plans to make one.

  2. This is a fantastic app! Please add Skydrive support for file sync (maps, .gpx routes). Unfortunately the topographic 4youmaps show only 15 tile levels in contrast to the hikebikemap (17 tile levels). Question: The shows topographic shaders, which are not shown in the Navimapper/Navicomputer apps. Any strategy to see the topographic shader info in my phone? Thanks!

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