My Favourite Front & Back 1080p Dash-Cam – The AUKEY DR02 D

My Favourite Front & Back 1080p Dash-Cam – The AUKEY DR02 D


Finally! A dual dashcam I’m happy to recommend. Available from the links below. (Click Show More)
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Recommended Memory Card
Toshiba Exceira 64GB
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Amazon US:
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Beginners Guide to Dashcams:
Downloadable Sample Clips:

People tell me that dashcams aren’t legal in Germany… but since they do sell these there I’ve included them for anyone in nearby countries who uses Amazon.DE

If you want to add a parking mode to this camera and don’t mind all the extras wires – they do make an accessory for this – I haven’t tested it.

NOTE- I purchased this camera with my own money and have had no contact with Aukey or anyone acting on behalf of the company. This is an independant review of a product purchased from Amazon.

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  1. Will the rear camera work clear with tinted window??

  2. Your reviews are really great. I was looking for a good dash cam like this for my car so I bought it.

    Fitted the same day it arrived and it worked great for 6 days and then the unit froze. I then reset it with a paper clip and the rear camera doesn’t work at all now, only the front facing camera works.

    Anyone else come across this problem with this model of dash cam?

  3. Just orderd it. It's not too fancy and at the same time the technology seems sturdy.

  4. Good Vid and I did note your comment about Digital radio being muted. Experienced some thing similar in China. Driving around Qingdao on the coast south east of Beijing we were using a mobile phone with GPS built in. When we put the phone down on top of the plug in changer the phone GPS became quite erratic and gave weird direction or dropped out. Once I realized it was the interference from the charger and moved the phone away a half meter or so it began yo work just fine. So I'm sure you are right 12v to 5V converters introduce a lot of broad spectrum radio interference. I think if you can place a CHOKE on the 5v cable and shield the converter in aluminum foil or tin box it might work OK. Worth a try ;}

  5. I bought this camera from the Amazon 6 months ago. The rear camera either poured water and burned. can I buy the rear camera.

  6. One more argument for FM-Radio 😀

  7. so detailed … just i what i needed – well done Techmoan

  8. I would definitely use a high endurance card rather than the one he uses so that you don't risk premature death of the card or lost footage

  9. is there a way to use a suction cup adapter for this camera?

  10. How necessary do you think the rear camera is? Is it worth the $ and hassle?

  11. Cheers! I'll be adding this to basket (especially when I recognised all the sights of my home town 🙂 )

  12. Can someone tell me if the GPS module for the TaoTronics TT-CD05 will work with this GPS? Thanks!

  13. Good evening. I am looking for a replacement dash cam, I followed the link on your page to Amazon to purchase this item, but there is a lot of bad reviews about the camera breaking down after only a short period. Could you tell me if your still using this camera, and have you encountered any problems with it. Thanks.

  14. Just to let you know i am thinking of buying this setup BUT as it get's older, so the price has gone up ! Amazon is now £120 ! On ebay i see them for as much as £160 !!

  15. dual dash cam , free for review on AMZ , who need, contact me

  16. Does the camera need gps for motion detector to work. My camera seems to be recording even when my car is parked, if anyone knows please let me know as well, thank you

  17. I bought the DR02 Aukey to replace my GW1-WC BlueSkySea but I have to say the GW1 tackles the cloud mixed with sun a lot better. Some of the clips late AM and early PM with the DR02 are dark you couldn't read a number plate in those conditions. I wish I had not now given my GW1 away. 🙁

  18. Can this dashcam be hard wired

  19. Thanks for the Excellent review.
    It's jumped up to £119.99
    Still worth that though for a decent car cam.

  20. Do you still stand by this dash cam? Wanting to order it from the states, but in the end it'll cost me $300 once payed for shipping and conversion rates. Is it worth that much? Including the OBD detection kit too.

  21. Ok Firstly the video is in fact very good. I was so impressed I purchased the kit last December and had it professionally fitted so it was nice and neat in early January, The cameras a very neat and tidy and pretty stealthy which is what I wanted. However after about 4 weeks the front camera lost the ability to see the rear camera. Aukey sent a replacement and that work really well until about a week or ago. Now Aukey customer support where awesome and very quickly sent a replacement. So all should be good. But no this replacement unit on installation saw the rear camera for 5 seconds and then lost it. Since then the camera seems to be locked and although it looks like it seeing what is in front it lags behind very badly. Control keys don't seem to activate anything either. I'm frankly rather disappointed. I've contacted Aukey yet again explaining the current situation but they seem to have decided to drop any further assistance. I'm looking into replacing the cameras with a different make while still using the Aukey cables as I don't want the same the same as the camera cost yet again for having the cables swopped over.

  22. I think I might have to stick my rear dashcam to the glass, would it matter if it went over the heater wires? And would it damage the wires if I had to remove it?

  23. I want to buy this sd card for the Aukey Dr 02, is that helpful.SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC Memory Card + SD Adapter with A1 App Performance up to 100MB/s, Class 10, U1

  24. I read the description, and it says dashcams aren't legal in Germany? Whys that?

  25. This camera is no longer under £100! It would be even better if it came with suction cup mounts. I'm not sure I'd want to commit to sticking the mounting bracket to the screens to then have to remove them to sell the car on. How easy are they to remove and clean up where the pad has been?

  26. are you gonna test that aukey 4k dash cam? 😀

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