Microsoft Surface Studio 2 review: better performance, same good looks

Microsoft Surface Studio 2 review: better performance, same good looks


The Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is one of the most head-turning desktop PC designs ever released. The Studio 2 has the same stunning, 28-inch touchscreen and hinge as the first model, but all the insides are new and improved. Dan Seifert and Dami Lee review the new Surface Studio 2 as a tech reporter and a professional creative.

You can read more about the Surface Studio 2 here:


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  1. What would you use the Surface Studio 2 for?

  2. I´m just thinking about the line at 3:05 "beefier processor" do they not use the same Intel 7820HQ (so a mobile processor from early 2017) … That is the one and only reason why im disapointed with this product.. Why is Microsoft not able to work with Intel and Nvidia to put in some Intel i9 8950HK with an RTX 2070? – i really (and i think a lot of people would not mind) for them to make the base of the Studio bigger but make it a bit more future proof..

  3. If this was a display, I would instantly buy it. Just can’t see myself paying that much for the outdated specs it has.

  4. Ignore the iMac.
    Forget the iPad Pro.

  5. My only downside is the specs. i7-7820HQ with GTX 1070. it should come with a core i9-8900K or an Intel XEON W for the 2TB model and the GPU should be a 1080ti, id happily have a wider, thicker and bigger base for better specs and for the love of god add thunderbolt 3 support.

  6. I bet you that Microsoft did not install the cpu with the included tool

  7. I have this and it's all I use. My MacBook and iMac just sits. This desktop is very fun to use!

  8. Oreos? Are you kidding me?? Next you’ll be searching milk! You monster!

  9. Since when does a Desktop have to be ugly and hidden under the table? if you are doing it right, the PC should be a display piece.

  10. All Apple fans are in that market…

  11. you were off by six years mate, twenty year olds assemble

  12. Well we all know the most important thing for this surface studio. Is the table.

  13. Does it still cost twice as much as it's worth?

  14. Awkward pause @ 3:31. Could’ve been hidden by a cut or b rolling.

  15. Price is the last thing I'll think about? Yah. Sure. 3500 USD is a drop in the bucket.

  16. Compared to what and how she talked about Ipad Pro, here she was robotic like she was just looking at it… Please genuinely want to use a device and the. Actually use it like that… If you're going to give an honest feedback about it. "really dive into what it can do" 🙄

    On other note.. That is HUGE TOUCH SCREEN NOT JUST A NORMAL SCREEN nobody provides this .. consider that fact when talking about the price.

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