Microsoft Lumia 635 Windows 10 Update Preview

Microsoft Lumia 635 Windows 10 Update Preview


The Microsoft Lumia 635 is one of the phones able to update to the Windows 10 Preview. I go through the tedious process of updating and do a quick run through of the OS.
Nokia Lumia 635 8GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE:
New Housing Back Battery Cover Door:

Music “Night Owl” by Broke For Free
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  1. when i try move by pressing get preview builds it says a connection error prevented us from downloading programs for you

  2. Fake fake Fake !!!!! My Smartphone is not suportet why ???? I have a nokia lumia 635 like yours WHAAAAAAAAA!!!! Fck Microsoft !udhcsj fax hhzhg&g(gG&14"(hJsdhbjjH((>>j88(2

  3. Those who need a genuine Windows 10 product key can see if my computer has been successful. link

  4. me sale error de servidor porque ayudenme

  5. 512mb ram = windows 8.1

  6. Does it take a long time?

  7. How do I get rid of it cause it takes up to much space

  8. can i do it on nokia lumia 635 ?

  9. But lumia 635 have 512 ram.. :/

  10. When I updated it's nothing works. The brightness option doesnt work, the browser isn't strong enough to load up a site with just an ad or two. I can't do anything right with my Lumia 635 Win10 phone. It literally crashes all the time. 😩

  11. I'm just glad they have a fucking search bar in the settings app now… Finally no more scrolling through an endless settings list!

  12. The windows 10 preview for Lumia 635, isn't even close to your example. You didn't do the process correctly. My Lumia 635 is completely different from the start menu to settings and features. I updated my Lumia cyan 635 to windows insider preview for windows 10 and mine doesn't look anything like your phone.

  13. This app every time f**ks up my phone

  14. hola es una muestra eso nomas? esta bueno pero lo unico que no cambia es el de inicio me cago por que si me llega a cagar el telefono sera tu culpa

  15. Im doing this currently and my phone is getting so hot. its redownloading all of my apps

  16. also i have a nokia lumia 635

  17. after upgrading it went to a white screen plzz help me

  18. I downloaded Windows Insider, and went through the process, it DOWNGRADED MY FIRMWARE FROM DENIM TO CYAN.
    How the hell do I fix it?!?!

  19. do u lose your paid or any apps??

  20. u need to make new videos u r soooo helpfull thanks!!!!

  21. If you get windows 10 can you take it off if you don't like it????

  22. Is have something lag

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