Mi Mix Drop Test – How durable is a Ceramic Phone?

Mi Mix Drop Test – How durable is a Ceramic Phone?


The Ceramic Xiaomi Mi Mix is the first ceramic phone that I have tested on my channel. Considering I have tested almost 50 phones already, it makes me curious to see how this one handles life. The Mi Mix passed my normal durability test with flying colors… But can it withstand a normal drop? I start with a 6 inch drop, move up to one foot, and then 2 feet (knee height) to see what kind of damage gravity can inflict on the ceramic body.

If the phone cracks at knee height… what would a pocket height drop do to it?

Mi Mix TEARDOWN is HERE: https://youtu.be/m5MkZC1uRZY
Mi Mix Durability test is HERE: https://youtu.be/_CZj-l9MJmg

This video was filmed mostly with a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
A Google Pixel was used for Slow motion along with an iPhone 7 plus.

My favorite flexible tripod: http://amzn.to/2fZz80H

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  1. My friend has this phone and it's very weak it breaks from only 1feet

  2. I leaned on my Samsung Note 9 in bed. The back glass shattered.

  3. Thanks for cm
    We europeans dont understand foots

  4. My sister dropped hers….her lcd broke…….so she had a case can u help us?

  5. Sir PLESE give me A mobile phone

  6. Place sir giveaway to Bricking any mobile device place sir I well give 1000 subscribe

  7. It is really an unbeatable phone

  8. 0:33 Lol why are you recording with the front facing camera?

  9. Nice! Make my Day Great!..
    High Tech just wacth it?

  10. Make sure to have caps on in the video

    Like if you agree

  11. Please test mi mix 3. As soon as possible.

  12. I like the background music xD

  13. I have that phone but the rings on the cam and finger print are gold any diffrence

  14. I have same phone and same first crack 😂😅😅😆😆

  15. Vivo v11 pro durability test

  16. What would even be the point of the scratch proof ceramic if placed in a case? I mean, it kind of defeats the purpose of making it out of ceramic in the first place…

  17. 1:52 Imma sit here on this bitch😂😂

  18. What’s the point of getting a scratch proof phone if ur gonna put a case on it xD like a case blocks any phone from scratches

  19. You voice is different when you are doing scratch test.

  20. The music seemed like something beautiful is being destroyed.

  21. The BACK is made by NOKIA!

  22. Are they making phones or glasses? Why dont just make the frame from metal so it wont break like the stupid glass…

  23. The real test of any screen is drop onto a tiny rock on otherwise smooth surface.

  24. this phone's glass has better quality than Samsung cameras…

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