Matebook X Review: A Macbook for Windows?

Matebook X Review: A Macbook for Windows?


Huawei, a Chinese company that has become more popular here in the States thanks to their flagship spec’ed, yet moderately priced cell phones (they even made the last Nexus device for Google: the 6P), has made it clear that they don’t want to just make phones.

Last year they launched their first ever laptop the Huawei Matebook and this year they’ve expanded the Matebook line to the D (their lower-end offering), the E (the successor to the original Matebook 2-in-1) and X (their top of the line model).

Which happens to be the one I have here. So, let’s check out how the phone manufacturer did, shall we? Here’s my Huawei Matebook X review.


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  1. In none of the reviews does it ever get mentioned what is always obvious and the issue also with the Macbooks. The displays are basically mirrors. People need damn non-glare displays!

  2. Why I like this design so much…. Premium, that is absolutely right. Metal unibody and the same color tone keyboards. It feels finally huawei has a very appealing design for me. Prefer this than matebook X pro don't care about the extra power. Prefer this over MacBook 12 because 12 has black color keyboard.

  3. Looks alright but ….. Sigh. Premium just isn't so with a glossy screen.

  4. Its nice to see a solid 12" MacBook contender. But i have to ask. Mac OS or windows? And why? What is your experience with the two operating systems? Can you cover some Chromebooks and give us your thoughts…please.

  5. Почему норм обзор только у американцев. Хз😂

  6. this or 2017 13 inch base model macbook pro? I need to decide by this weekend.

  7. Lighter thinner and more powerful than Apple does

  8. Can someone please help me?
    I can't decide with laptop I should buy. It's either this one or the Dell XPS15
    I watch a lot of shows and YouTube videos, maybe a little editing, I type a lot and with a better laptop (than my current one) I would also play a few new games and take it with me in my backpack. Which one would be a better choice?

  9. Laptops are generally more expensive and less customizable than desktops. Anyone looking into purchasing a laptop should focus on buying the most premium-quality laptop they can afford to avoid having the laptop's specs from being obsolete soon into the future due to the limited upgradability of most laptops.

  10. Mac's look beautiful, so I'm not complaining about Huawei ripping the design off.

  11. subscribed. thanks for the review. i like your video.

  12. There is an "H" in "Huawei", it's not pronounced "Uawei"!

  13. Why doesn't anyone talk about the important things? No one here cares about it's relations to apple crap. How can a "review" leave out if it has a touchscreen or not??? Fundamentals man!!!!

  14. Thank you for this very helpful video!

  15. live in vietnam and need some money to get this. love much

  16. Spending this much money on a laptop just isn't worthwhile, when it's operating system is Windows. Decent hardware is hit hard when it has to run such a bad operating system.

  17. you pronounce the "h" in huawei xD

  18. fuck China…never buy made in China stuff…I am going to throw everything out of my house

  19. Great feature that shouldn't be overlooked is the 3:2 screen.  It is taller than most laptops.  More functional than most widescreen displays.  The pc world built it's reputation on productivity, yet it markets widescreen displays that are suited for movie watching.  Huawei, please make a 15 inch model, hurry!

  20. Need a laptop to run python , what do you recommend?

  21. Can you use the finger sensor for logging in to websites?

  22. Chinaman's spyware nooooo thanks

  23. May seem like a dumb question but, how did you buy it? I tried going to their website and it gave me no option to purchase. Is it only available in certain countries?

  24. You sire, make awesome review videos.

  25. These price tags hurt my heart. I'm sitting here with 23$ saving up for a MacBook Pro 2014.

  26. 8 gigs of RAM? r u kidding me? ))

  27. what about the graphic?

  28. 我也很喜欢这款机子,可惜太贵。
    I also like this laptop, but it's a little expensive.

  29. I just can't believe how expensive new laptops are. My older Elitebook is thicker and heavier, but still a great computer that I can do video editing on, and it was $500. Been using it for years.

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