JXD S5110 PSV TABLETS PC Run N64 Android CPS game cool reviews

JXD S5110 PSV TABLETS PC Run N64 Android CPS game cool reviews


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  1. Hey does this device play MAME roms as well as CPS1 roms?

  2. does it have the google play store?

  3. So it won't work with this then? Damn would be awesome. It's like a PSP with like 7 other consoles on it, and then get kainy for it and play your pc games remotely, too. Gamer's dream 😀

  4. Can it play psp games? what about s5300?

  5. You no sound. You no talk?

  6. ελπίζω όλα αυτά τα κολοπαίχνιδα να μην τα έχει από την αρχει

  7. how many hours had the battery¿?¿

  8. chinese If you would like i can post my own review

  9. Just got mine today and having the hardest time CONNECTING to the Internet. Switching the console on wifi was a no-go. I have my own connection and says wifi services unavailable. Nothin wrong with my connections, as I'm typing from another wireless device. Is there a walkthrough that shows how you can connect the jxd. If not I will return. Thank you

  10. are those chinese apps always in that language? or they can be changed…or deleted too? i feel uncomfortable if they always there in a language i dont know

  11. Genealogy of jxd5100, Korean or Chinese?

  12. PS 1 game you can down from ineternet free

  13. These all NES SNS game

  14. what games can you get on this?

  15. Hey~ Does this still use some PS games? Does it have the PS store? ._. I can't seem to find this information anywhere else~

  16. does it have the google play store and can u plug it into my pc and transfer roms and emulators

  17. does netflix work on this

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