iPhone XS Review: 4 Months Later!

iPhone XS Review: 4 Months Later!


Is the $1,000 iPhone XS still worth it after 4 months? Should you spend your money on it or pass until next year? Here are my thoughts.

Music by Andrew Applepie and Syfer Music

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  1. Loved the mini music video in the beginning! 😻

  2. I really like my iPhone Xs Max it´s almost perfect for me in everythink

  3. I like the intro Christian!

  4. In all honesty, you'd be able to hear @Vyyyper even if the speakers were on the back 😂

    Seriously, awesome intro! And the whole video I was thinking, shouldn't the question be, "Was it ever worth $1000?" And then at the end, you gave that as an alternative view point. I must say, out of all the people that I follow on here you've made some of the most balanced and convincing arguments to switch to Apple.

    Will you be doing more intros like in this video?

  5. Great review! Loved the B roll in the beginning. I know the price is high (And Apple really needs to step up their average consumer game) but seriously. You're getting what you paid for. As long as you don't mind iOS lol.

  6. Notifications On always ✅

  7. lol I didn't know you could switch between apps like that @0:48 until this video. 😅 Am I embarrassed? A little. Will I be crushing app switching from here on out? Yes, I will!

  8. Awesome intro and great video as usual.

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