iPhone X Review From an Android User!

iPhone X Review From an Android User!


My take on the iPhone X from an Android User.
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  1. be human and adapt my

  2. your cinematography is nearly, if not is, on a par with corporate ads.

  3. i use iphone because it's straight forward, no clutter apps like andriod and almost no lagg overtime and the eco system of course. the reason why i move from android to ios, andriod tends to get laggy after certain period of time and it's very frustrating. iphone is just more efficient for my usage at least.

  4. IPhone have a good camera, really? Did you tried really to compare the same photo by s8 or s9 and IPhone x and you think that IPhone have quality? I have s8 and IPhone x and the last is really crap.

  5. Your problems with the phone are pretty lame.

  6. How much pay you Apple for this video?

  7. You need to go to accesability and turn off attention and your face ID will be super fast

  8. ur last words and ur last reasosns was why u use iphone x thats was awesome ecosystem 😂 thanks buddy ur review 😋😍

  9. whats ur daily driver? dude?
    ios or Android?

  10. Avid Android User that has started using an iPhone X 2-3 weeks ago. I am running beta 12.3 and i would love to see if your take has changed. I still love my PIxel 2 XL and realize the iPhone has some real advantages over the Pixel such as optimized software and battery life. I will be buying the Pixel 3 and probably keeping my iPhone X as I expect iOS 12 will make the X what it should have been on day 1.

  11. Man you sure have changed since the "Android Vs iOS" days

  12. What's that anime you're watching @5:09 ??? Please I need answerssss

  13. Did your Android phone record Stereophonic videos?
    If not then you won't notice the iPhones record monophonic videos.

  14. Change of tide it’s been always that iOS was more stable than android…but ever since iOS 11 it’s just been one bug after another and the last couple iteration of android has been nothin short of butter smooth especially on the Pixel line of phones…

  15. I’m finally due for an upgrade for my phone!
    I can’t wait to call a X mine.♥️

  16. Apple isn't "behind" in their software. They are far, far ahead. Anyone I know how owns Android either says "I customize like crazy" or "Plain Android is the best." Apple made it so whenever you pick up an iPhone you know how to use it. You know the apps will be right there on screen when unlocked, you know the photos app is where all your photos go, you know everything if you used an iPhone before. As with Android depending on the person you may never be able to use their phone. Even the just the settings app is so different from android phone to android phone. With iPhone, you know. It's restricting enough, but that's what makes it work

  17. Awesome review.. Loving your explanations

  18. 2 things if Apple make it happen then I'll use iPhone full time…. 1-set app on home screen where I like… 2-monthly internet data automatic reset….

  19. I am a apple fan but this isnt the phone i was waiting for, i love faceid but i want a onscreen fingerprint scanner, i want a bug free portrait mode, i want ios to be visually overhauled, i wanted a plus sized iphone x. I want fast charger to be bundled with the phone.

    Iv been using iphone x since launch and its one of the best phones iv used, But imo there is alot of room for improvement.
    Still ios is miles ahead of android(which still feels like its in beta after all these years)

  20. As ur videos are awesome .. I request if possible can u make a video of iPhone X vs iPhone 8 Plus in ur style

  21. Long time Android user and remember you were a bit anti- iPhone. Lol Well I'm still anti-iphone. The last part is the reason people don't switch. Ill never use an iphone, if the major reasons are looked at as you mentioned. I may consider it. Still Loving my Android ecosystem. Haha

  22. Finally a non-apple fan youtuber who makes a "honest" review of the X and not just bashing it because people like hating Apple

  23. believe it or not but you're my very first subscription in terms of tech channel. another great video #Thankyou

  24. IPX Ram management is terrible, apps are constantly relaunching and has been very frustrating. Surprised you sisn't mention this?

  25. But Samsung makes the screens for the iPhone X…🤔

  26. Great Review!
    The reasonings you gave at the end of why you and majority of people use iPhones, is the reason that made me choose the iPhone X over the Google Pixel 2 XL.

  27. As an Apple Watch user, I hadn't experienced the problem you have when trying to pay with your phone. You are quite right, that would be frustrating.

  28. The screen is made by Samsung!!!! After that was said the whole video stupid

  29. SAMSUNG made the screen you loved more than SAMSUNG

  30. I feel oneplus 5t faster face id than iphone x and with fingerprint what you say ????

  31. I’ve had my iPhone X for 4 days now and it’s 100% normal for me and I love this phone so much. Face ID hasn’t failed me at all. Not even once. And I don’t find the phone slippery at all.

  32. When have you become this fanboy? 🤣🤣

  33. tbh iunderstand the prob with the standing in line thing, but the table thing doesnot make sense bcoz id u put the fingerprint sensor in the back of the phone u will hav eto pick it up anyways and so not much different. But that payment prob i completely understand. Great Video by the way. 👍 and Subbed.

  34. Where from i found that wallpaper?

  35. I'm new friend supersaf tv

  36. Mmmm when apple paid millions to Samsung to product the screens $$$$$$

  37. Apples eco system is definitely amazing and is the 1 reason why people use Apple.. it is also the reason why Apples only Android app is to switch android users to ios. Apple would easily lose half their members if they made a facetime app and imessage app for Android. Just saying.

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