iPhone 6s & 6s Plus | Review

iPhone 6s & 6s Plus | Review


Matthew Panzarino talks about the recently released iPhone 6s and 6s Plus which were recently unveiled in Cupertino. After some time with them, the biggest takeaways was not only the improved internal chip and camera, but also certain special features of iOS 9. For instance a quicker Touch ID, Live Photo and 3D Touch, which all add layers to the iPhone experience.


  1. Ffucc

    Good app for the kids but if not we have to go pick it up and get it

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  3. honestly i'd rather have a small but pretty 12 megapixel camera than having a huge mike wazowki looking 16 megapixel camera lol

  4. I'm upgrading from an iPhone 3G I got in 2008 in my first year of high-school, to the 6S+ today as a 1st-year Uni student.

    It's been a wild ride friend, but time to say goodbye…

  5. Live photos are nothing new, they've been around for years…. I remember having them on my HTC One in 2013 in the for of Zoe and they've probably been on other devices before that.

    They were great because it would always catch me moving my hand like I was jacking off.

  6. Upgrading from a 4s to a 6s!

  7. Microsoft Windows phone has a similar thing to the live photo feature.

  8. Have to admit this is a very nice phone… Everyone knows apple takes others ideas and perfects em

  9. Apple invented a new format? wow really? GIFs have existed since 1987.

  10. No need for upgrade from an iphone 6 -__-

  11. Jumping from a iPhone 5C to iPhone 6S Plus.

  12. Even if live photos are like gifs, gifs can be much longer than the 3 seconds the live photo is, and i guess now you can just make gifs in one touch rather than using a third party app. So if it is like a gif, I don't see the issue because it'd just be easier to make them (although it's probably not a .gif file)

  13. I Dont know witch one i should get

  14. "Live Photos" is really nothing new. HTC did that a couple of years ago with the "Zoe" feature on their HTC One line. Basically it would take 3 second video of a picture taken. Then it takes a collection of those 3 second videos to create a highlight video for that album. Nonetheless, it's a nice feature.

  15. I like that orange case. Can someone tell me which one it is? Thanks!

  16. I'm starting to hate my note 4! Apple Alana's have new features that are actually useful, and they always have system updates! Wtf! Google needs to hurry up with marshmallow, at this rate I'm considering the iPhone 6s Plus. I'm not trying to bash on droid fans but I feel like Apple really listens to their customers. My friend bought an app and he got his money back because he was getting coins when he was leveling up. I tried to do the same on the play store and only got an email and it was just too complicated to get my refund.

  17. 4k video? what an innovation!!!!

  18. Hah. Apple knows that the Droid Turbo is stealing the market. Had to make a new phone with 4K video to equalize with the Droid.

  19. So in other words, it takes gifs. That's cool, but it's just a fucking gif

  20. Live photos seem useless to me, why not just record a video clip? just saying.

  21. what case is that on the 6s? thx

  22. Apple. gif reinvented. . uff..

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