iPhone 6 using Chromecast Review

iPhone 6 using Chromecast Review


iPhone 6 using Chromecast Review…. Chromecast is a must have device…price is $35…


  1. Your accent is very Singlish:)

  2. question, you connect your chromecast via wifi? how will you use your own wifi internet if you are using wifi chromecast?

  3. What's the name of this app what can we type in App Store

  4. You have 550 unread emails. 😭

  5. Do u need wifi or you can use your own network

  6. why all the dislikes? because all the fanboys wasted money on apple TV?

  7. Can you play videos from different websites and links, like from chrome or safari, or do you need an app to cast ?

  8. can i use this with my phone hotspot??

  9. can i cast the videos on the navigator using AirPlay?

  10. this sucks on the iPhone …its better on android

  11. Please read, i know this is old but this video isnt very clear so let me explain. Chromecast can only mirror the entire screen on android like playing games and desktop but ios can only use video apps like hulu, netflix, and youtube obviously. The android can do both. Not all android phones are compatible but i know the s4 and note 3 are. I recommend you turn off the chromecast everytime you are not watching tv or during the night.

  12. can you mirror? or play a non online video to the chromecast?

  13. How would I mirror my I phone 6 plus on to tv I watch movies on a website but can't figure out how to play it on tv it will on play on phone and when I go to google chrome cast app there is no little tv with the wifi symbol please help thanks

  14. I'm new with this Chromecast thingy, so I was just wondering
    if I stream netflix on my iPhone or iPad, can I use this Chromecast as a mirror to my tv (and no, I don't have wi-fi yet since I just moved to this new place)

  15. Would this work for iPhone 5s?

  16. yes I do have it… I was able to get it but then after that one movie I went to bed and now I'm not able to mirror again.

  17. hi I'm having a issue with actually mirroring from my phone to tv. I'm able to do YouTube but not Netflix, can someone help me

  18. I never leave a comment,but dude you need to back the damn phone up so that the people you're trying to show can see what the hell it is you're doing

  19. Just get a console like a ps4

  20. can I mirror IPhone 6 or Samsung s3 with ChromeCast. These are the 2 devices I have 🙂

  21. Actually you cannot cast from your phone when it come to screen sharing with iPhone and or apple products (chrome cast) it isn't possible only because iPhone and chrome aren't able to… I'd recommend getting Apple TV instead that way any Apple device anyone has it would be able to screen share and more 🙂

  22. But you can't mirror your iPhone to it, you can only play the applications that's are supported by chromecast that's why I returned it.

  23. So if I wanted to watch a movie off the internet like " movie tube" ( using my iPhone) will this chromecast work ??


  25. Why do you rent movies? When there is plenty of apps and websites to watch new movies online 720 and 1080p, if you want a movie app go to safari and search 'Play Box HD' and download it.

  26. If I get a call on my cell phone while streaming the video. Would the feed be interrupted (obviously) if I decide to take the call? Just want to know for sure ….. Thanks

  27. Can I mirror my iPhone with this device

  28. does the audio get out of sync after a few minutes of watching ?

  29. Ohh it does … Wondoes lol

  30. Very helpful, thanks mate!

  31. Can i mirror my ipad mini so i can play videos from safari and it will show up on the tv

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