iPhone 3GS in 2017? REVIEW (iOS 6.1.6)

iPhone 3GS in 2017? REVIEW (iOS 6.1.6)


How does the iPhone 3GS perform in 2017?
Forgot to mention, there’s a white version as well as the black.
This is a really well built phone. But can it actually compare to modern technology?

iPhone 4 in 2017? https://youtu.be/nV1zEdS3hJA

Hopefully I’ll be able to do a review on the iPhone 3G (2nd generation) at some point in the future.

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  1. The iPhone 3GS was a lot of fun to play around with. Thoughts on the device?
    Also- 3K subscribers already! Wow! Thanks, you all are awesome.

  2. My third favourite iPhone of all time. I love this iPhone 😊

  3. Today I found one for two bucks here in Mexico, I really didn't think it would even turn on, but when I plugged it, to my surprise if started charging 😬 so now I have my dream phone from 2009… In 2019 😬

  4. “It was a steal.” You stole it from your cousin then

  5. “It was a steal.” You stole it from your cousin then

  6. TechnoLogix91? Oh how time flies

  7. update your iPhone to iOS 7.1.2 oficial in iTunes

  8. Lmao that’s what I’m doing rn

  9. Apples best iphone bar far …still have mine awesome slim design great for internet radio etc …………had it since new in the box

  10. I didn't like the you'll die joke, but if they don't like it maybe they are already dead. Awesome video. What a decent phone. I got got the Samsung galaxy first gen which is just like it but I might still get it to collect. Just maybe. I am definitely getting iphone 5 Thanks for letting me know it's the best used iphone.

  11. A am watching this on a iPhone 3gs

  12. My big brother has the 3GS
    I have the 5c

  13. Bro would u sell it to me ? Plz i lost my grandma’s .. and finding one to sneak peak that of hers

  14. My iPhone 3GS’s battery exploded and made the display pop off 😭

  15. Can you please review iPhone 3GS on iOS 4.1, because it's still being signed. I think this will be interesting to see.

  16. I actually still have this phone but a few weeks ago I opened up my cupboard and found that the screen had came off 😭

  17. Also didn't Steve Jobs have a huge butthurt issue with Adobe Flash and YouTube? And thus didn't the older iPhones have issued running websites that used Adobe Flash and YouTube also wouldn't work on iOS for quite a long time too?

  18. The iPhone 3GS screen was AMOLED technology correct? So does your device in this video have screen burn in? It looked like the app icons were burned in when browsing with a dark plain background or is that just a transparent UI feature on this version of iOS?

  19. I still remember when 3G was first coming around and the next biggest thing. And I remember when 4G wasn't a thing at all and just a rumor.

  20. I might get this phone in 2018!!

  21. Planning on using a iPhone 3GS, then considering batery replacements

  22. About 6 months ago I picked up a Sony AM/FM clock radio that has a cradle for an iPhone 3g/3gs. I use it in my garage and have it loaded with tunes. The sony also has a remote so I can shuffle through songs switch to AM/FM. It keeps the battery charged. It's the perfect thing for an old 3g phone.

  23. Do you sure this is the 3gs? because it has the storage mark on the back like 3g

  24. Soo… The moral of the story is to preserve ur iPhone 3G – 3GS batterys, charge hthem up by 10% every 1.5 months. And there you go. And thats the main reason most ppl wouldnt be using it

  25. Guys iPhone 3G – 3GS batterys will fail if u do use one in 2018, they are pretty easy to bloat, i had many and charged them a few cycles and RIP battery…

  26. RIP to all 52 dislikers 😢

  27. My first iPhone… The one I had the most fun with.

  28. Just ordered one. I’m downgrading from iPhone 4 cuz this is better optimised for the operating system

  29. It seems like it is always snowing in your videos! What state do you live in?

  30. iPhone? Naaahh that’s never going to sell!

  31. I'm still using an iPhone 3GS in 2018.

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