iOS 12 SUCKS! An Honest iOS 12 Review from Two iPhone Beta Testers

iOS 12 SUCKS! An Honest iOS 12 Review from Two iPhone Beta Testers


Two Apple experts give an honest review of iOS 12, the newest iPhone software update. Frankly, we aren’t too impressed!

There’s still no dark mode, it’s harder to send picture messages, Siri is still mediocre, and there really isn’t anything that will significantly change the way you use your iPhone.

Did you like this iOS 12 review? Do you disagree with us? Leave us a comment down below and let us know what you think!

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  1. I’m the processes of looking for alternatives like most other people I know… I used to be so excited to get a new apple products.. looking forward to the next company to take the lead.

  2. ios 12 on my iphone 6 sucks notifications sounds on all my apps were not working even though all the settings were on volume is working though just the notifications sounds not working please help

  3. Thank you for this — APPLE does NOT want to hear any feedback on their Communities. I don't know if they are IGNORING their Beta Testers, but I don't believe for one second that any real techies like anything about ios12.

  4. It sucks. My new iphone 8 is SOO glitchy. My 6s had it's issues as it started getting older, but even at it's worst, it was much better than my new 8. Native apps like messages glitch all the time where stuff won't display properly, etc. Worst phone/iOS


  6. Sir plzz made a video how can we download music directly in iphone music not in any other app. Plzz

  7. Yes its really yak. Camera quality is not good. Music sound sucks. Battery alsso drai too quick

  8. I love your video's but do you have a video on why my FaceTime and Imessages have stopped working and keep telling me waiting for activation for over a week now but is working on my iPad. It's an iPhone 6

  9. i don't understand the comment about the app switcher and holding something down? I have been able to double tap my home button and go through swiping up to close apps for a while now… what you demonstrated isn't new? I have the iphone SE though, so maybe its new for a certain model?

  10. Can you tell me how in the heck I can leave a conversation on a group text iOS 12?

  11. If they don’t fix this, Samsung, you’re going to be my friend.

  12. Ios12 is the worst yet I hate everything about it I am seriously getting off the iPhone train got iPhone 4 I currently have the 6 and it will be my last, they lost me I'm only 1 but I'm sure there are plenty of others like me. After the ios12 install my cell only reaches 2 out of 4 bars for reception never had this problem before. They even got caught purposely slowing down older iPhones so people would buy the new ones wtf people boycott apple !!!!

  13. I couldn't agree more with you every since I updated I have problems with Siri

  14. Hi guys🖖 Since installing ios12 on my iPad Air the Instagram app is now in letterbox. So big black bands either side shrinking the image area! It’s pretty annoying!! 🙁 Is this on your radar? Any thoughts??
    Cheers Paul🙂🖖

  15. Since iOS 12 apps won’t download or update. Any clue

  16. After IOS 12 upgrade on Iphone X MMS does not work?? Please help

  17. Since, and only since updating, it seems I’ve less control of my iPhone X under iOS 12 than 11. It’s a mess. Night before? Fine.
    Messaging: it opens to a text message chat I had weeks ago with one person – and then freezes there; I can’t get out of that chat; back to my list of contacts so I can’t USE messaging as it now opens to that specific chat and does nothing else. I can only text message if someone texts me first, as long as I stay in the smaller, overlying another app text style. If I click to use the full Message app I’m back to that chat it’s stuck on. So I’ve been in a chat where someone texts me, I’m busy and click on the app as is Pavlovian at this point, when poof I’m locked out ever since updating. Idiocy.
    More: my screen goes black. OFTEN. Randomly. Flashes black then back over and over randomly or just once. It’s galling, annoying, untenable.
    It shuts down. Hard. Just now I received an alert. Went to expand it when I stopped myself: “DON’T CLICK OUTSIDE! You’ll never get back in to finish this complaint!”…
    Yesterday I called someone and the phone call was terminated at my end while the person I was talking with was mid sentence. Wasn’t moving. At home. Just poof gone. He called back; asked why I’d hung up on him. I wasn’t touching the phone. So far that’s just one instance so it may be a separate incident.
    Simple shit such as copy/paste or comments to a forum? NOPE. You cannot select specific text. You can’t. When attempted you instead have one option: grab the entirety of whichever web PAGE you’re reading. All of it – but although it highlights in blue as if selected (the whole damn page) there’s no buttons to copy it. LOL Ugh?!
    At a favorite website. Ready to sound off/interact. Cursor in text box. Click. Ready to type. But no keyboard will come up; you click but no response. You hold it and the entire webpage lights up blue as if you’re not actually in that typing area to comment. You’ve selected the whole page – but no matter how many times you click inside the typing box area it will not acknowledge you’re there.
    On every site I comment at.
    And just now, once I’d clicked about 15x inside this text box right here; held it down and kept repeating that action until suddenly I gained entry to type, and the keyboard finally appeared, I finished this diatribe and clicked “Done”; noticed typos and tried for two MINUTES to regain a keyboard to fix them. I’ll have to remember not to do certain things AS YOU WOULD NORMALLY DO. Good God. Idiocies as blessings seems the norm.
    There’s more, but this is the LAST THOUSAND DOLLAR APPLE PHONE I buy. I caved in and bought it against my instincts. The phone itself? Heavy. Slippery and not near as user friendly as my last. (6+).
    I’ve been APPL my whole life but with good options otherwise today, since Apple has gone so steeply downhill, I’m out. But for now, I’m stuck using a flashing, rebooting, rather useless for my uses iPhone X under iOS 12.

  18. I'm new to Apple. I just got an 8 plus coming from a note 5 and I loved that phone. As for the 8 plus I both love it and hate it. I've heard rumors that with iOS updates they start to slow your phone down as well as diminish battery life. Are these true?

  19. They also ruined the FaceTime camera rotation and live FaceTime picture

  20. All the thumbs downs are fanatics. iOS 12 does suck

  21. I should have never switched to the iPhone x for a galaxy:( it's trash all around

  22. The only feature I like is the clearer word suggestion bar.

  23. I really hate the update. The colors are weird – icons now grayed out. Messages dark green. But the apps above the text screen REALLY blows. Keep tapping yelp or open table instead of a letter. And inserting photos is whacked.

  24. iOS 12 – Horrible, it’s an absolute nightmare!!! Time to leave Apple!!!

  25. Does IoS 12 work on iPhone 5s?

  26. Based on the comments and what I’ve witnessed for myself, you’re way off base! Wouldn’t subscribe!

  27. iOS 12 is what it is you have to have it or some apps don’t work so no point in slagging it just accept it

  28. I keep my phone on Do Not Disturb 100% of the time and have forever. iOS 12 gives me a constant message to turn it off. I’m annoyed 😒

  29. THIS 😄
    I signed into an account I RARELY use, just to comment!
    Guys, I ❤️ The music 🎶 to your video! It’s catchy similar to the Snapple Mango commercial 🤣
    Good job 👏 on the level of sarcasm you’re using! How was your Chipotle’s dinner? 😆
    Keep up the good work 💯

  30. What i don't care for is the fact when Bluetooth has no icon when it's on.Only shows up with wireless earphones.So you have to search to turn off..

  31. What the hell is apple doing? Are they trying to be the dullest possible tech company? They killed the awesome Aperture photo software & then keep rolling out basic bitch stuff like iPhoto, photo's & iMovie. Its getting embarrassing.

  32. FaceTime in general sucks now the most. You have to go to a whole other screen when you want to flip the camera. So whatever my daughter is doing that was cute, her dad misses while we are on the phone when he’s out of town. And the emojis you can do, kinda neat, if you could stop them without having to hang up and call back.

  33. Hi , do you advise me to update my IPhone 6s IOS from 9.1 version ( factory version ) to IOS 12?
    Thank you .

  34. I’m just happy to have the cleaned up code and few of the new features. I have always wanted the ability to remove the "Bubbles" when using imessage. Apple focuses on privacy, however this has always been something they always overlook for some reason. I agree with you guys on a Dark Mode setting….. Way over due!! Great videos!

  35. Your video has no useful content.
    IOS 12 works better on my phone but you guys say it sucks. You are the experts.
    You would bitch if you were hung with a new rope – you are really stretching to conclude two dozen times that it sucks.
    THUMBS DOWN, dislike channel, UNSUBSCRIBE.

  36. This is a very negative video and it sounded too bitter for a reason. I used to watch this duo coz they talk sense and help. Its a waste of time to watch. Unsubscribing now…

  37. Bullshit clickbait video title. I haven’t learned anything about iOS 12 that may inform my decision to upgrade or not. Thanks for the waste of time

  38. Well updated to ios12 today and frankly nothing changed for me, IPhone 8.
    Totally agree with what you say. The new features are just things that you’d look at and then never look at again.
    DND mode is like what you guys said. Just go to silent and that all you need to do. Tracking a location is like you said just tracking a location for the sake of proving what software can do.

    Still can’t select all emails and delete all
    Still can’t live edit pics like you said.
    Short cut is still rubbish, coz I cant ask Siri to launch amazon music app and play a song…has to be in Apple Music.

    All the hype for basically crunching notifications into 1 notification.

    Thank guys. You should sit in on conferences with apple development team.

  39. Did you mention the Live Listen? 👂

  40. very helpful…apple is EVIL!

  41. You guys are idiots. Apple said way before even the betas were released that iOS 12 is going to focuse mainly on stability improvements, bug fixes, speed, and to top it all off, they fixed a lot of problems that previous updates didn’t fix. Here you are saying the update sucks because they didn’t add a lot of features, but that’s because, like I said, they were focusing on stability. This video is pointless.

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