Introducing StaffPad

Introducing StaffPad


StaffPad is a revolutionary new music notation application for Windows 8.1 and Surface.

More information is available at

StaffPad allows composers, musicians, students, teachers – anyone interested in music – to write notation by hand directly onto virtual manuscript. StaffPad features advanced handwriting recognition, and will convert your music into a beautifully typeset score. Experience the magic of writing with StaffPad by getting it exclusively from the Windows Store.


  1. Hi. Is it possible to get any costumer support for this app and how? I have it for some time now, it is full of bugs and pretty annoying to work with but my biggest problem is that it recently started playing back everything sounding in a wrong key. Anyone has a solution?

  2. Wow again. Just what I'm looking for.

  3. So far not a great experience.

    The recognition is slow and unwieldy. I am literally unable, after around 30 minutes of attempting, to write a natural accidental.

  4. Hello, my name is Deni Staffpad they were on Windows 8 pro

  5. How does the playback sound compared to Sibelius?

  6. What is the background music

  7. And now the tabulature variant for the guitarist playing in open tunings.

  8. Has support for this app died? It’s great but I always end up transferring my scores to Sibelius because StaffPad is very limiting with its features.

    So many musical things we can’t do with StaffPad yet

  9. Hi. This looks really great. Will this be compatible with my Lenovo Yoga 520-14IKB? (I have a Lenovo stylus pen too). I can't find that info, I see that it is compatible with yoga thinkpad but nothing about the 2in1 yoga 520. Thanks in advance.

  10. which tablet is this one?

  11. Why not in iPad? 😭😭😭

  12. I doubt it’s gonna work that well

  13. would Lenovo yoga 720 work for this app?

  14. who wrote the score for this promo?

  15. I want to use this app ! But I don't have a tablet. What kind of tablet do you recommend for reading and creating music? And what size? Does this app work with android?

  16. can i somehow get my existing paper sheet music into StaffPad ?

  17. Can it be used as a pad for conducting score ? Turning pages while conducting is a pain ? A digital device for conducting would be so nice 🙂

  18. Have you thought of releasing this for ipad pro?

  19. But how do the instruments sound?… can I apply relatively advanced techniques or musical ornaments and have them be accurate?

  20. good🎼🔕🕭🔔📯🎷📯🎹🎙🎺🎻

  21. another idiot who didn't care

  22. that's me 2004 yours leonardo

  23. This is awesome. Why not make it for Android/iOS though??

  24. Is this avaible for all Microsoft software devices or just for surface?

  25. For all those writing music, please take a look at this it is the future!!

  26. Please make available for iPads ;-;

  27. Wow, a software too smart.

  28. as a musician who is writing music THIS IS PERFECT

  29. it works extremely well, i usr it every day and for a composer it makes the perfect blend for audio quality, realistic live play back, and also gives the option to write in your score as you please, it has everything a composer could want especially with it's unprecedented speed! best composition tool ive used!

  30. Right. I'm getting a surface if I can do this!

  31. man fuck that shit. you use a tablet so you don't have to write anymore…. wtf?

  32. I want this app really bad but I think it costs too much.

  33. this is awesome. I'm thinking about purchasing it as I have a Surface Pro 3 and a SurfaceBook. I'm curious about the import features though. I also have a Roland Fantom G6 that I use to create music. I use the step write functions a lot which seems as if they should carry over to this app as a midi export file. But I haven't seen an example of that actually working. It looks great though. Thanks for making such a great app for Windows 10!

  34. Fantastic!
    Now make a similar product for maths and integrate it into the office suite 🙂

  35. I need a Windows tablet just for this.

  36. I'm still waiting for IOS Version.

  37. EXCELENTEEE!!!!!! OMAIGAAAA!!!!! 😮

  38. fuck you. go use a damn piece of paper and a pencil

  39. They have this for the Surface Pro, but not a normal music reading app like forScore… uhg why?!

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